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6/6/2007 c17 4mandrake-o
Sick of Seaton? No way. We've hardly gotten to know him.

=) Mandraco.
6/6/2007 c17 thenorthface
I LOVE this chapter, especially "I think I could die right now."

that part was just adorably heartwrenching

feel free to include Seaton lots in the next chapter! the more the better.

I'm so glad that he realizes that Charlie is a pedophile. I had paranoid suspicions that he would trust Charlie or something awful like that
6/6/2007 c17 hollyjolly4u
Ahh of course I didnt get tired of Seaton in this chapter I'm glad that he's in it more since he was such a mystery before and it cute how he's like affectionate to Jayden yet he still calls him brat and stuff so he's not TOO affectionate. I like this story alot it's really good! And i really wanna know why he got so weird when Jayden asked him if he was an artist hm cant wait for the update!
6/6/2007 c17 14Night Play
MOREM,OREMORE.l ololol. love it muches. :)
6/6/2007 c17 1partie traumatic
No more Sir!YAY!Jayden yelled again!YAY!I really liked this chapter.It had a lot of Seaton in it and me likey Seaton.I get to save a puppy too?Is it a Yorkie? Yorkie's are just so darn cute!
6/6/2007 c17 5Violet Beatrice Baudelaire
Okay, so you have to update soon, i can't wait for the next chapter! I really like how you write about different characters in Jayden's life and somehow it just fits together perfectly.Still, again,will Seaton end up calling Jayden something other than brat? :-)
6/6/2007 c17 Meller
I got all excited when i saw you had updated. its 3:15 in the morning and i was going to go to bed but i HAD to read this chapter first. I love Seaton...did you ever mention how old he was? Charlie needs to just die or end up in jail forever. Jayden is so sweet I don't like it when i hear of bad things happening to him...and still happening. His dad is horrible. I hope someone reports his for abuse soon. I eagerly await your next update :)
6/6/2007 c17 3Annmarie-Elva

I'm excited. about this story.
6/6/2007 c17 4Amindaya
Eh...puppies aren't as important. But I'll save one anyway, just for the hell of it. :D

Yay Seaton! I'm glad he already knew, because we all known damn well Jayden never would have told him. Charlie was a guidance councelor? That's...oh my god. Probably how Seaton knew about him...but oh my god. How horrible.

Ha, I could never get tired of Seaton. More soon please?
6/6/2007 c17 1DRAGONFIRE04
I like this update. I like how this chapter gives an idea what Jay life must have been like. I like it how Jay can say seaten name now. I hope nothing to bad happen to Jay if charles is with him, and if their is I hope Jay will beable to talk about it. PLEASE UPDATE SOON.
6/5/2007 c17 OoohLookACat
that sick twisted bastard

i cant even say his name


sick perverted freak.

as for seaton


he's so annoyingly hot.

love him

can't wait for the next one

6/2/2007 c16 1twilove
Haven't reviewed in a while but don't worry *stop worrying about me!* but I've still been one of your loyal followers...great now you have a loyal gang of followers! Anyway loved this chapter, great work (as always), and I can't wait for the next one.

P.S. Just wondering:Are you still a long ways away from the end of this story?
6/2/2007 c16 dollop
He snapped! Omg, he finally snaped! Yes!

I loved it. This is deffinitly one of my favorite chapters.


The last scene with Seaton and Charlie was amazing and I really liked Jayden's thughts on about the lobster tank. When I was little, looking at the lobster tanks would make me feel kinda sad.

One of the reasons I love his story so much is that I feel like I can connect with Jayden sometimes.

Hmm ya know, I've never thought of it like that. But your right! And rant away as much as you like. I tend to do it a lot. ha

The Outsiders? Nope I don't think Pony Boy was the sequal to it. The book was mainly about the wars between the social classes.
6/1/2007 c16 1Color Me Rose
Charlie's a fucking freak !

You sick, demented author for developing him !

My poor Jayden better be safe from him, or else I'll come after you with a pitchfork, dear.

I love Jay-Jay too much for him to spiral into this sick love affair with Charlie again.

But that's what you have planned, isn't it ?

Haha, this chapter leaves me absolutely anxious for the next one.

If you write a new chapter, say... right now, you have no idea how much I'll adore you. (:
6/1/2007 c16 Andi
OMG! I lovee this story. I wanna kidnap Jayden and make him cookies and muffins.

I bet Seaton is realy Black...undercover mmhm thats my crazy theory.

I can't wait till you update ^_^

I like worship you.

Thatt might be going a lil too far though. Eh.
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