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6/1/2007 c16 XoLilSquirtoX
lol thats good when you get that many reviews! lol.. i get the feeling that seaton will become a more active character very soon. lol charlie should die! lol i Love it.. lol you made my day when i saw it was updated! :P :D
6/1/2007 c16 3scrtshdfgry
i love this! please continue soon!
6/1/2007 c16 Squeegee
Yeah, new chapter! I dont think i can wait that long for the next one though... I MUST know what happends! I MUST! _ heh. Anywayz, good chapter...oh Jayden got mad, but i think thats a good thing. Update soon please! ^_^
5/31/2007 c16 34Extraho-Uxor
amazing update as usual. OMG! I love seaton to death. I hate charlie though. I can only imagine what he was going to try and pull with poor Jayden! It makes me sad that Jayden freaked out on the gang but I understand those moments... wow. just an awesome update, I'm sure the next one will be even better... hopefully it will come quickly... but thats just wishful thinking. Get back to writing lol.
5/31/2007 c16 5Squirrel Activist
Well, I save a kitten everytime I review, but according to a saying I heard, everytime one masturbates, they kill a kitten.

So really, I'm actually not saving any kittens, I am just keeping my kitten killings level...


I'm kidding!

Serious to everything!

Don't listen to me when I start talking about sex, lol.

And yes!

I did squeal when this was updated.


And I really can't wait to see how Seaton replies to that, and God, I still hate Charlie just as much I did before, lol, pedophiles are evil and should all do die slowly and painfully.

5/31/2007 c16 7Love Eternally
been waiting for this chapter. I think it was beautiful. charlie sucks and is creepy and needs to disappear, but Jayden spoke up. it was great
5/31/2007 c16 Midnights Scream
oh. Seaton probably knows now. poor guy though everything's unravelling at once and he can't really cope. Could Charlie possibly come back into the picture? That's kinda scary. And yea, where have you gone? I've missed this story. :) glad you came back though.
5/31/2007 c16 Chameleonduality
Aiee! You updated! I was all worried, checking now and again, going 'When the hell is she (I think you're a she?) going to update? And she was so regular too!' So; I was very happy when I saw the update. But I commiserate with the whole computer screwing up thing, and I sympathise. At the minute, mine brings up MSN messenger every half hour or so, EVEN WHEN I HAVEN'T SIGNED IN. *steam coming out of chameleonduality's ears* Gr...so yeah. I know how how you feel. Even if mine isn't as bad.

Now then... I'm sorry, I can't pick a single line this time that I loved. It's gotta be the first part (first 9 lines), where Jayden's talking to Mr. Spencer. That was cool. And not a single 'said' in that bit! (The curse of the word 'said' after conversations... I could go on for hours. It afflicts me too much.)

This chapter made me literally flinch. The second time as well. Charlie just... makes my skin crawl. He's disgusting. The fact he got sent to jail (I'm assuming for being a paedophile) was a little 'out of left field', but it works. Very well in fact. And he hasn't learned.

Jayden's outburst... was coming. We all knew it, and his kind of drawing back into himself afterwards was realistic. Also kind of a self-survival mechanism. Well-written as well.

Hold up. *fingers on keyboards screech to a halt* Is that why Jayden doesn't like cars? Because his last 'encounter' with Charlie was in a car? Ohh... the poor guy. I can fully see why he wouldn't like cars. And that bugger Charlie... I can just see him making things so much harder for Jayden. As I may have said before, he attracts trouble like flies to a hunk of meat. I get what you mean, that the Charlie flashbacks are like a separate story. I can see that.

I'm glad you're still gonna reply to anonymous reviews. Otherwise, I'd be screwed. Some people block anonymous reviews altogether. I can see why they do it, but it's annoying when you want to review a story, simply saying it's a really good story, and you can't. Bit of a bummer. So I'm glad you're still replying!

I saved a nonexistent kitten, huh? Woot. Oh! Bit of a story there! (Warning: the following's completely irrelevent (and also not funny), simply there for my own amusement - and maybe yours as well). I was walking into town with a friend through the bus station from school, and my friend spotted this girl with a kitten. And promptly made a beeline for them. Mind you, I was off in lala-land at the time, and didn't notice she was there for about 5 minutes. She was all petting the kitten and wanting to hold it, and the girl let her, even though you could see she was a little kind of 'what the f..?' about it. She was nice though. The kitten's name was Don. Complete cutie-pie with white socks! So, that was fine, and we set off, then my friend (I shall call her Alex for convenience's sake) went 'Did that seem a little weird, my just going up to her and asking to hold him?' And I said 'Well Alex, seeing as we were complete strangers to her, yeah, it was.'

Hey, I told you it wasn't funny. *shrug* Although the fact that I went for a walk in a field, had to climb over a gate to get into said field, jumped off the gate instead of opening it and promptly spraining my ankle when I landed on the ground might be considered funny. But there you go. It takes all types.

Apologies for the HORRENDOUSLY long review (my fingers run away wi'me), and I can't wait for the next chappie. Seaton!

P.S. Get your typos spotter to look out for those wily apostrophes next time. They're scunnery little buggers.

Peace. ^.^
5/31/2007 c16 Feel The Waltz
Aw i feel so sorry for Jayden. & i like this storry so much i'm willing to wait :) Anyway, i loved this chapter. You totally surprised me when he began shouting though! But i guess it was inevitabe, everyone has to have a breaking point...
5/31/2007 c16 4channingcaughtfire
5/31/2007 c16 2mia5081
i'm growing to hate charlie (ok thats a lie, i already hated him lol) and there definitely wasn't enough seaton in this chapter but oh well...because jayden talked! YAY

update soon!

5/31/2007 c16 4Amindaya
This is me trying to save nonexistent kitties. (Loved the chapter.)
5/31/2007 c16 3Violent Pornography
another brilliant chapter


I think squishing him is better than locking him away

if he was locked away he wouldn't get to see seaton...who i also love

I cant wait for more

ohh and I like how you havn't made the story overly angsty...its just right
5/31/2007 c16 25Esquirella
Seaton should find out what a creep Charlie is and ... handle him. (nods evilly)

The girls probably spoke to Charlie, didn't they? I'm guessing Alfred would have made a point to be home to beat Jayden if he'd spoken to them.
5/31/2007 c16 23firestar267
Stupid Charlie! Hes going to hurt Jay, and Seaton wont know but then he'll turn up and save the day anyway :D (well one can hope...minus the hurting Jay part...) It makes me anxious whats Charlie going to do? oh no hes not going to stay with them is he? Thatd be so bad for poor Jay... I like how it was him that opened the door and not alfred though 'cos i really thought it would be...YAY FOR SEATON :D YAY FOR THIS STORY and YAY FOR THE KITTY I SAVED ooh and Mr Spencer is great! Great job, as usual cant wait for more!
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