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5/24/2007 c15 25Esquirella
Charlie is a pedophile! Jayden can't love him! NO!
5/23/2007 c7 XoLilSquirtoX
wow... ya i dont usually review that often but.. i know how good it is to get response! ~_- im loving it so far - your good fan starchip13 let me in on the goodness.. im really excited to get to the "good" stuff *giggles*
5/22/2007 c15 1Xellion
it's ok I was gone any way and what do I come back to, a new chapter squee! *glompage* any way as always I will stay a dedicated reader because I love this ^^. This time TWO thumbsup! XD
5/22/2007 c15 3Violent Pornography
I want to squish Jayden and make him all happy forever and ever


because i love him

and I want Seaton to love him too

GREAT story
5/21/2007 c15 Cealex
Ooh nice chapter! HE FINALLY REALIZED IT! :D yay. Except the bad thing is Charlie! Gah. That bastard! Man he completely ruined Jayden. I am so mad at him. But Seaton and Jayden's interaction was so GOOD. I wonder what Seaton said to him after Jayden agreed that he was a liar. And the ticket scene. That was funny XD Even though I don't believe in what Seaton said :P I love watching sports (go hockey! It pwns all other sports :P) but I can understand his view XD
5/21/2007 c15 5Violet Beatrice Baudelaire
Please write more soon..
5/21/2007 c12 Violet Beatrice Baudelaire
The chapters are really long, which is wonderful!LOL seriously, though, I do prefer longer chapters. Maybe you could have larger paragraphs sometimes..
5/21/2007 c11 Violet Beatrice Baudelaire
So charlie is just strange, but the flashbacks do fit in with the story, which is good.
5/21/2007 c4 Violet Beatrice Baudelaire
His dad is such a moron..anyway, i really like how you write from his point of view, but do you think Mr Andrews could call him something other than brat?
5/21/2007 c1 Violet Beatrice Baudelaire
This is really interesting so far..
5/20/2007 c15 3otter pop
=[ i looked for an update EVERYDAY and there was none! *sigh* okay i'm over it. i'm just glad you finally got the next chapter up. so yeah... i think the next chapter should have more seaton =] ...mhmm... so is the whole charlie thing over? erg. he makes me mad. okay well please update soon!
5/19/2007 c15 3Is-A-Germ
OH MY KOOSH! This story is so good! My mom had to almost drag me to go with her to church! But, I felt bad when I was imagining what would happen next in the story.. Hehehehehe! At church.. I feel bad... T_T.. BUT YOUR STORY ISH AWESOME! WOOHOO!
5/19/2007 c15 total vintage
OMG i love it, this is such a good story. I love all the detail you put into it and everything. It's really good. Please update! *adds to favorites*
5/19/2007 c15 Chameleonduality
Ah... I have Tool soothing my ears, and a new chapter to devour with mine eyes... this is good for the senses.

And hell yes, I read that chapter twice. This one too, come to think of it. Well deserved too, might I add.

'I don’t think I ever really stopped screaming.' Hell, that was a line that... I don't know, seemed to resonate; I stopped to consciously look at it, grasp it for its full meaning. Let it soak in, know what I mean? Ach, ignore me; I'm random today.

It's funny; now Jayden's actually meeting people, making friends (le gasp), his personality's fighting to get through those little chinks in that great friggin' wall he's constructed to protect himself, limit what goes out and comes in. Although, for all his problems, he does have a good perception of his own and others feelings (such as his seeing through Seaton's harsh exterior to that malleable inner marshmallow we all love). Ye have to feel sorry for the guy. *pets Jayden plushie on head* How I love character psycho-analysis, even if I get it wrong most of the time.

Don't know if I mentioned it, but I really like the interludes of Charlie... it's just a nice contrast to the rest of the story, lends an extra... layer, to it. Plus the fact it's a very effective way of explaining what happened. Painful, but effective. Also very meaningful.

Lovely chappie, interesting. Kind of moves things along, but in a sense doesn't. I get the feeling something's coming, but that just might be me. I vote for more Seaton, though! You can never get enough of Seaton. *.* See you soon! (hopefully) lol, o/j.

Now, then, I'm off to contemplate buying a Jimi Hendrix album...

Peace. ^.^
5/19/2007 c15 Feel The Waltz
Ep! Jayden is so sweet! Ah can you give me any sort of clue to how long till something happens between Seaton &Jayden?

*flutters eyelashes innocently*


But fab chappy anyway!

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