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5/19/2007 c15 dollop
I'm totally smiling right now.

Updates make me happy.


My favorite part in this chapter was when Jayden was in denial and then when he finally admitted to himself that he likes Seaton.

I love this line by the way :

'Anyone who gets paid millions of dollars for playing a stupid game needs to go fuck themselves.'

That's pretty much how I feel about most sports. I don't really see the point of them. That and I suck at sports.

Hm I definitly see Mr. Spencer as more fatherly than anything after this chapter. Jayden needs a good father figure and he's perfect for it.

Ha that's how I felt when I had to read Pony Boy. Except I actually ended up liking it by the middle of the book. Though the begining still makes me wanna gag.
5/19/2007 c15 magalina
Anything? Really... well I wanna laptop! Gimme!

Mm, what is it with Corin and movie theaters? More trauma I`m guessing? :P

And no no no! What is this about still loving Charlie? No Way! XO

And he likes Seaton! And he admitted! Yes!

I`m so happy you updated! Please do it again soon!
5/19/2007 c15 1partie traumatic
He finally admits he likes Seaton!Great chapter.I really admire you for your ability to update chapters so quickly.I've tried it but it just never happens for me.I can't wait for the next chapter.
5/19/2007 c15 Squeegee
I really enjoy this story, thanks for updating it so often. ^_^ I think Seaton is amusing and i feel bad for Jayden. I hope Seaton sticks around and helps out Jayden.
5/18/2007 c15 OoohLookACat

what a complicated chapter.

well not really

when you read it

it's quite simple

but whats happening in it is complicated.

bleh. i suck at explaining.

but it was a good chapter

as usual

i love how seaton can be so mean and horrible

yet so ...


can't wait for the next one.

5/18/2007 c15 Midnights Scream
I love Jayden's character you just make him so real, and poor guy with Seaton being mean, but maybe it'll better for him in the long run. :)I'm glad you updated too. I was starting to worry you weren't going to update anymore and that really really sucked. Amazing story, good job!
5/18/2007 c15 7Love Eternally
I decided to write as I read the chapter so I can have more to say lol. Wow. Can't relax for five seconds can he? The poor teacher. Jayden is so suspicious of course. If he gets cancer he'll kill him? Funny, why not let him live a while longer? Mini Crisis. Jayden is having a breakdown. That's alright we all know he wants Seaton, he'll admit it soon. Lauren's not so bad when she knows he's gay. She's not so girly. Lol. Seaton doesn't like sports either. nice. Damn, poor Jayden. Charlie is fucked up. Figures that Corin would like sports. Jayden is messed up, seriously messed up. He should forget charlie forever. Ok, Liked the chapter. Didn't like Jayden's train of thought at the end. . . (Sigh) Looking forward for more.
5/18/2007 c15 5Squirrel Activist
Charlies a freaking creepy pedophile freak.

I don't like him.

He bothers me.

Pedophiles bother me.


Gosh, I feel horrible for Jayden, unlucky little dude.

And it will be hard to stop pronouncing Seaton like Shay-ton, since that is how I have been pronouncing it, haha.


I will work on that.

Anyways, of course, you're going to be hearing this from everyone, I'm sure, but great, amazingly awesome chapter.

I swear, I squeal a little bit everytime this thing is updated.


I can't wait for your next update!
5/18/2007 c15 Meri
YAY! i feel special:), and I love this story so i'll keep reviewing if only to fill space with my ramblings:p
5/18/2007 c15 1Nikki the Ever-Ready Battery


I normally don't go for slash, but oh, you are amazing!
5/18/2007 c15 2mia5081
i guees i can review lol. loved the chapter and even though i'm still a little creeped out about Mr. Spencer, i've realized that he is not come psycho teacher that is out to get jayden (therefore i approve of him) and he's still in love with charlie? thats sad, and its also sad that seaton is back to his jerkiness stage- not the he ever really went outside of a ten foot radius of it lol


5/18/2007 c15 ArtificiallySw8
hey thanx for the update.. the alert in my inbox did make me happy.. hehe... the chapter was great once again.. ur sick? hope u feel better *nods* =)...tc update soon =)
5/18/2007 c15 14Night Play
I was sad when you didn't update. then today, i was like. "YES." XDD

gawd. i love it. i love it. && Por little Jayden. =(
5/18/2007 c15 4Amindaya
Gawsh, Mr. Spencer sure is perky! Can't wait for more.
5/18/2007 c14 ArtificiallySw8
where are u = u havent updated in like a week.. im missing my daily dose of this story.. lol its like withdrawal.. i come home and theres no new alerts for this story in my inbox.. =( nywayz.. update son.. this is a great story btw =)
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