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5/11/2007 c14 And-on-Anonymous
Wow! Good twist- I did not see that coming- I think you've interwoven all of the different characters in this really well- there aren't oo mnay to make it cinfusing, and there are enough to make it interesting and realistic, and each time you've focused on the enough to make them interesting in themselves. Well done! Can't wait to see what ALfred is going to do and what's going to happen to him and Charlie in the end... I love Mr SPencer- he's really cool- it's nice to have a genuinely nice figure in the story (don't make him bad- please!)
5/11/2007 c14 OoohLookACat
it's a lot different than i expected

so i'll keep reading

i really like it.

jayden's character is ...

so complex

and i like that in a character.

5/10/2007 c14 Meri
gwee! I betcha Seaton is "black" and mr spencer? i didn't guess that!. Glad to reveiw your poems btw i loved em so write more! just for me cause you love me!:p
5/10/2007 c14 CC
haha I really don't need any fake food just another chapter! I really like this story! From Seaton to the crazy characters he meets and the nasty michael jacksonish charlie. I always check to see if you have a new chapter up-so can't wait for the next one! Meanwhile while I'm earnestly waiting...are going to make Mr. Spencer adopt Jayden? That would be pretty cool as long as Seaton stayed in the picture. I have a few more suspicions but don't want to spoil the story for others if I'm right...

Keep writing!

5/10/2007 c14 5Squirrel Activist

I have been meaning to ask you this since I first starting reading this.

But I kind of forgot earlier hahaha.


How do you pronounce Seaton's name?

I've been pronouncing it Shay-ton.

Like Sean is pronounced Shawn.

Is that how it's supposed to be pronounced?
5/10/2007 c14 magalina
mm... I feel like pancakes, gimme :D

I’m not really sure WHAT´S inappropriate in their eyes... but I still do it. I don’t think they’d mind though, but I’ll be awkward as hell. XD

Aw, Mr. Spencer is great! He’s such a nice guy... I’m sorry I doubted him earlier :P

Poor Jayden... I didn’t like that policewoman -_- And how dare he say that Alfred “isn’t that bad”? Denial… denial I’m telling you!

I wonder if that Black guy is going to be on sometime... And what would Alfred do when Jayden gets home? Blame him and beat him to a pulp... again? GASP! And Seaton! Is he going to find out? Can´t wait!

Great chapter! As always! Update soon!

Whoa, I´m on a row, another long review! Just for you :)
5/10/2007 c14 7Love Eternally
Dammitt. I was hoping to do it right away. It would have been awesome. I loved this chapter, and I think I saw hints to future flash backs with charlie? Looking forward to more.
5/10/2007 c14 3otter pop
Yes, my FAVORITE! I just about fell out of my seat when I saw you had an update, I was so excited. *Sigh* No Seaton... Shame. lol. Poor Jayden, I hope his dad dies a slow painful death.

So...I was wondering...

Are you a girl or guy?

I hope you don't mind me asking, but I'm really curious.

OK, well LURVE your story and I can't WAIT till you update again. Bye!
5/10/2007 c14 4Amindaya
Mister Spencer...superhero. Yay, he saves the day! Dah-dah dah!
5/10/2007 c13 And-on-Anonymous
Sorry I didn't review the last 2 chapters- I haven't been on the internet for a while and when I did I saw that you Had updated 3 chapters! NICE SURPRISE :)

Wow- what a twist! I can't wait to see what happens...

It's cool to see that so many other readers like this story as well- youve got loads of reviews, you should be really proud!

I love Seaton- he's a really good hero figure and I love the way you've captured Jayden becoming aware of his crush really naturally! Good stuff!
5/9/2007 c13 dollop
Aww damn. It's gonna be torture waiting for the next chapter.

But yea, I love this story. I think it's amazing how you seam to be in touch with all your characters. I don't think many people can do that.

I love Jayden. His personality is just so unexpected. When I first started reading this, I thought he would be whiny and pathtic. But ha he's not. I love his whole personality! Tho i would love to see Jayden finally snapping and saying somthing rly sarcastic.

Anyway can't wait till you update!
5/9/2007 c13 Cealex
Lol your "Push the button!" thing reminds me of those ads at the top that say "Push this button to make a fart sound!" ... Or something like that.

Anyways, DAMMIT why'd he have to get busted? But maybe this is a good thing, they'll go research his background, Seaton'll help him and then he can get rid of his father and live happily ever after with Seaton ^_^ Yay! XD
5/9/2007 c13 1Amandine
I love it! don't like child abuse story but you have 2 interesting characters(jay and seaton)and a very good writing style(specially how you write the disturbing flashbacks)

don't know why but I think seaton's job has something to do with law,cop or social worker...in a way it's good jay was caught selling drugs.now maybe people we'll know about his home life.

please keep up the good work.see u next update :-)
5/9/2007 c13 4channingcaughtfire
Oh noo!
5/9/2007 c13 Meri
EEP! Jaydens to pretty for jail! ah well if i'm right *and i hope i am* Seatons gonna have something to do with the law and save little Jay before he becomes bubbas bitch
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