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5/4/2007 c10 Midnights Scream
:) As always I love Jayden and I thought Charlie seemed a little odd, but he stopped himself so I still really like him and Seaton is still amazing too.
5/4/2007 c9 Midnights Scream
:) Seaton makes me laugh and I love his ongoing dialogue in his head. It's hilarous and reminds me a little of myself.
5/3/2007 c2 XoLilSquirtoX
hey.. i like this so far im interested how you will bring things about? lol Kampai!
5/2/2007 c10 Bookwormgal
Alright this is Bookwormgal but fictionpress is going through some technical difficulties..whatever...anyway, I'm getting a feeling that Charlie is the person that Jayden ones trusted. Maybe that's why Jayden doesn't like "nice people." In one of your chapters you did write that he was a nice guy, so...that's my theory.

Great chapter though! (Even though my theory isn't correct.)
5/2/2007 c10 sugardandy
Eh? Charlie is a pedophile? I kinda had a feeling, but then I was like, 'If I open my mouth and make a guess, then I'll be totally wrong'. Wadda ya know, I was right for once, go me! I sense more to the Charlie story than just a little kiss...

*Inu-chan waves banner in background* GO SEATON, U SMEXY BEAST! VIVA LA YAOI (Inu-chan is starchip's loud alterego, ehe)
5/2/2007 c10 thenorthface
ugh. i'm started just skipping the scenes in italics because Charlie is SO creepy.

i could see these nightmares he's having getting in the way of a romantic relationship developing between him and Seaton!

i love it that

a) linda obviously picks up on the fact that Seaton is more fond of Jayden than he is letting on

b) seaton can tell when he has been injured by his behavior.

Aw that will make it easier for him to be rescued
5/2/2007 c10 Cealex
T_T Poor Jayden. I'm glad I was wrong o_o; Kissing isn't so bad, and raping a seven year old is sorta hard. x_X; Charlie is a retard. Jayden must've realized at one point that the whole thing was screwed up so he made Charlie stop? Man that mirror scene was really sad. He's going to be so screwed when his dad finds out. I'm guessing his dad'll fuck him up real badly, maybe using those shards of mirror/glass. Then Seaton'll come to the rescue! :D

And rofl, now Lauren's a yaoi fangirl? I need more of those at my school. I only know like 2 or 3 others, it's disappointing :P

Seaton is still so cute - the way he shows his care for Jayden ^_^

Anyways, great chapter! There was a lot of emotion -overwhelmed-

Looking forward to your next chapter!
5/2/2007 c10 7Love Eternally
Great chappie. Yes, my vibes are completely confirmed. Charlie is a twisted ass hole. As if Jayden wasn't suffering enough. He has to go and be manipulated by Charlie. GRR! I hope Seaton totally kicks his ass. I mean, Jayden could too, but Seaton would be cooler. Can't wait for more.
5/2/2007 c10 4Amindaya
Yep, Mind Games is my favorite T-rated and Coexistence is Boredom is my favorite M-rated. LOVE them.

Ah, Charlie's such a bastard. I knew there was something weird going on there. I love Jayden's innocence. That Lauren's a character all right.
5/2/2007 c10 chameleonduality
No probs: 'Perfection' was a good poem. I write some stuff on deviantart, and it's always nice to get reviews for poems.

Y'know, I had actually written a whole spiel of stuff like 'I love Seaton, Jayden's sarcasm, despise Alfred and want Charlie to be put through a food processor' in that previous review, but it just came out as 'Loved it.' Don't know what happened there, but anyway... 'Loved it' pretty much sums it all up.

So now we see where the title comes from... Alfred's gonna be pissed. Shit. And the whole thing with Charlie... makes shivers run up my spine. The bad kind. *shudder*

My previous review still applies: Loved it. Write more please!

On a random note: I totally get what Jayden means about a song that you hate but is so fucking CATCHY that it runs around your head for years. Last week it was Natasha Bedingfield's 'I wanna have your babies'. That was torture. Never again.

Peace. ^.^
5/2/2007 c10 25Esquirella
Fish food can be any dead thing thrown into a body water. Then dumped out on a highway stretch to be flattened by the afore-mentioned semi.

I kinda like Lauren now. Her reaction to Jayden's announcement was actually cool. Still like Suki and Linda. And you know I love the strong and silent Seaton. Cool update.
5/2/2007 c10 magalina
Oh no, no, no! AlfredĀ“s gonna KILL him now! XO Seaton rescued him again... :) And Lauren likes him more now, damn...

Ew, I hate Charlie. How OLD was Jayden then? Six? Sigh...

I hate that my reviews are getting shorter... u_u Sorry.

Update sooN!
5/2/2007 c10 And-on-Anonymous
Ugh, i think I hate Charie more than his dad, he's taking advantage of someone in a very vulnerable situation, it's disgusting.

I like siki and linda, they're so funny and open, can see why Seaton would want to rescue Jayden from them though! they are a little over-poewring for someone who is so used to being submissive. Although to be fair, it seems that inside he's pretty stron, which is cool. Very weak people are hard to like.

Good job :)
5/2/2007 c10 1LaylaLivesLoosely
this is such an addictive story... i love seaton, jayden's like a little wounded puppy you want to carry home, and the lesbians are so charismatic... hope to see more soon.
5/1/2007 c10 Meri
you know it's not creative or new but i really think a good bamboo death would do nicely, you know when you get the really fast growing bamboo and cut it short then secure the person above it and it grows right thru them...tis perfect i think!...and no i'm not some crazy pain loving freak...i just went thru a weird stint as a child
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