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5/1/2007 c1 3Lucas D
Oh and just wanted to let you know that 'Suki' literally means 'Bitches' in russian. Suitable.
5/1/2007 c10 Lucas D
Aw don't just go and shoot people in the eye with the words 'Beta'. I'm no beta, more like a 'Typos Spotter'.

And to continue the rant from my email: Do I really have to say that I love Charlie as much as I love Alfred, if not a wee bit more? You must have already picked up the 'Sadistic-reader' vibe from me, but I must assure you I do not molest or abuse kids in my free time, mainly because I'm busy reading your stuff.


I jest. Kids are adorable little monsters.

But seriously, a chapter full of Charlie is almost as good as one with Alfred in it. The manipulative, sneaky bastard Charlie. Friedrich Nietzsch, a great philosopher, once said: "In heaven all the interesting people are missing." - so very true. Perhaps it will be too much to ask, but I would love to read a chapter with more... graphic descriptions of the Charlie/young-Jayden fun 'pass-times'. I'm just sick like that, I love to push my limits.

Lauren is what I consider a typical eyesore, especially from this chapter onwards. Linda and suki are still annoying as hell, but that little verbal fight with Seaton was one of the best moments in this chapter. Very natural and realistic, almost as if it was happening in front of my very own eyes. Besides, a bit of humour among the sarcasm and the angst could do us some good.

You know what will be a very bad good idea? As in, Jayden may consider it good but for us readers (or is it for me?) it won't be thrilling. No, not suicide, but he does have shards of glass at his feet, and he does hate the way he looks, the way his face resembles that of his father, so undergoing a self-plastic-surgery/makeover will be one of those very bad 'on-the-spur-of-the-moment' decisions. It will literally leave him scarred for live.

But i have faith in his strength, and I hope he's strong enough to keep thinking rational and reasonable thoughts. Seaton to the rescue? But of course, don't answer any of it. Just a rant, remember? Not trying to make wild guesses here.

I think this is all for today. I hope it's not too short (fear my subtle sarcasm. It's five a.m. here, after all).

Oh and have I already professed my love to Charlie? Yes? oh well...

Night/Morning. Thanks for the update.
5/1/2007 c10 34Extraho-Uxor
amazing! I knew I got a bad feeling from charlie... wow. deep stuff youve got going on here and your writing? superb. Your style is very very interesting and I can't wait to read more. I'm really looking forward to where this is going. intense.
5/1/2007 c10 3otter pop
I literally squealed when I saw the alert. So Charlie's like, a pedafile [sp?]... I kinda figured. =/ I don't get why he's not all raping Jayden now though, but that'll probably be answered eventually, right? Right. Keep up the great work and update soon!
5/1/2007 c9 1twilove
Wow I haven't reviewed in a long time, but I see there's plenty reviews to keep you buisy! LOL! Anyway I really do think I'm falling for Jayden...he just seems so mysterious..too bad he's gay though. *folds hands and pouts*

So I really am liking your story and-dare I say it-I beleive that this is going to be a really good one. Nice Job and Update, it's too good!

p.s. give me Jayden's phone number...LOL!
5/1/2007 c9 little johnny jewel
Was just wondering if you'd like someone to read over the chapters and correct typos/spelling errors for you. I quite like this story :
4/30/2007 c9 chameleonduality
Loved it.
4/30/2007 c9 Meri
oh fine..no bedroom scenes yet..I can dream tho;). and yes, I now have an even stronger wish that Charlie will get tied down and eaten by rats...
4/30/2007 c9 25Esquirella
Seaton=good. Alfred=fish food.
4/30/2007 c8 Esquirella
Ugh! I hate that annoying chick, Lauren. Gah!
4/29/2007 c9 Cealex
Dude, Charlie's gonna RAPE Jayden! Err. There's my overactive imagination o_o; Well, it was your dream flashbacks that triggered the thought in my head... so I'll blame you instead :D Lol.

BTW Sorry for the short reviews before, I wanted to rant about the chapters, but my fingers were ITCHING to get to the next one! :O

I can't wait for your next chapter! (And I'm also sorry for flooding you with reviews... I can't hold back reactions or emotions very well ^_^;)
4/29/2007 c8 Cealex
Seaton to the rescue! WOOT! But that was sad T_T; It's all Lauren's fault! DIE DIE DIE! What an annoying girl :O Gr...
4/29/2007 c7 Cealex
Oh no! Seaton MUST drive him to school again! Or at least talk with him!
4/29/2007 c5 Cealex
Omg Suki + Linda are so cute! Gurahgasdh
4/29/2007 c4 Cealex
Oh shit! I know he should go and get his dad busted cuz Alfred is fucked up, but I can sorta relate with his panic. And 'Mr. Andrews' is pretty funny. Er. in my view anyways.
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