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4/29/2007 c3 Cealex
I liked this chapter a lot ^_^ Linda was cool. And Jayden? the main character? is so cute and naive and funny.
4/29/2007 c1 Cealex
What a BASTARD of a father! Ugh.

I like how you did the whole "He's like this in the _" That was... wow I don't know how to say 'it was funny but not in a I'm messed up so I find this whole thing funny' sorta thing. Yeah. XD
4/29/2007 c9 3Lucas D
Finally, a chapter with no one but our love-birds. Seaton does strike me as one with a particularly nasty/unusual childhood. After all, that 'I am a moody bastard' rode doesn't just crawl up one's ass in one day.

And Jayden... the poor and pathetic and, god damn him, STRONG boy. He practically radiates strength for those who want to look beyond his pitiful self. It's sad and amazing at once that such an awful life can teach a boy so much control and caution and, I do believe I mentioned it already, strength. I still wish to chop Alfred and Charlie and any other bad guy in Jay's life to pieces, but I guess I will thank them beforehand.

This may actually be one of my favorite chapters so. It's balanced when it comes to the characters (unfortunately no abusing Alfred, but no annoying girls either), and it finally gives us the twist we awaited for so long - someone else knows, someone important, and Jayden is confused and happy in a way and just undergoing positive changes, for a change. Hey, that has an odd ring to it. Oh and i forgot to mention the length! Extraordinary! (that's not as flashy as 'perfect', but it has more syllables and it's more sophisticated.)

Thank you.

Today I felt I should end my review with a comment about your outstanding skills in making typos. I am not a native english-speaker so I can't be much of a help as a beta, but I could spot those ridiculous typos for you before you post the story. Although I'm sure you won't agree to it, seeing as your mistakes are most probably due to you being in a hurry to post the damn chapter. Not that I'm blaming you...

Oh no, I'm ranting again.

Have a pleasant week. I know I am.
4/29/2007 c9 sugardandy
*lecher grin* teehee, so many updates, and so much has happened, omg! Seaton is my new hero. Now, I'm gonna sit here with my new collection of yaoi pictures I took while I was in the closet while I wait for your next update
4/29/2007 c9 3otter pop
Haha. I can't wait to totally get my view screwed up of Charlie. PLEASE update soon, this quickly became one of my favorites. =]
4/29/2007 c9 34Extraho-Uxor
you HAVE to update sometime soon. this is one of the best stories that i have ever read on this site. wow. job well done. I do notice that there are a lot of grammar and spelling errors. You should really edit before you publish but other than that, this is a superb piece of work and i cant wait to see whats next for Jayden.
4/29/2007 c9 7Love Eternally
Well. I'm sensing pedophile vibes from Charlie. Which is very disturbing. I really like Seaton, and I'm glad he didn't call the police right away. It would have destroyed the small amount of trust Jayden had in him. Jayden seems like he loves and hates Seaton's attention at the same time. But that could be because he has a thing for Seaton and doesn't want to admit it. Poor Guy. Can't wait for more.
4/29/2007 c6 34Extraho-Uxor
aw... the part where he said he doesnt want to be the idiot waiting really touched me. I love this story with a passion. I cant wait to finish it.
4/29/2007 c9 And-on-Anonymous
Of course :)

I love Seaton, he's so moody and bastardy-but-clearly-not and nice and moody and smouldering and moody...

I love how you do Jayden's feelings- i think the slow prgoress is realistic, i mean some authors are like-'oh, i saw him and he was so hot and i knew i liked him truly madly deeply...' and it's rubbish. I like the pace you've got it at- fast enough to keep us interested, but slow enough to seem real. Well done.

Only mistake - it's right, not write, easy enough when you're typing fast though.

Don't even have to ask you to update soon, which is nice!
4/29/2007 c9 magalina
I love Seaton. I love how Jayden is when with him :) Great update!
4/29/2007 c1 Extraho-Uxor
wow. this was really interesting. I loved how you mix basic language with wonderful descriptions! wow. im gonna finish reading it
4/29/2007 c9 4Amindaya
Big yay! More soon, please?
4/29/2007 c9 14Night Play
So cute~ =)
4/29/2007 c8 Midnights Scream
:) I like Charlie and Seaton, they're the only nice people and I don't like the girl he's tutoring she's a snob.I like that Seaton seems like he's starting to care and it's cute.:)
4/29/2007 c8 magalina
Ew, Lauren... I hate her too.

So Charlie is about as old as Alfred... mmh... that changes a lot o.O And he KNEW what would happen when he brought Jayden inside... bastard.

Seaton is our white knight. He is. Wonder what was he thinking... canĀ“t wait for the next chapter! XD
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