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4/29/2007 c8 And-on-Anonymous
Ha ha, of course i was going to revieww- i LIKE this story.

I love how you update so fast :) It makes me happy!

Yay for Seaton taking such an interest in him and i'm glad wee finally got a chance to see in his flat- i think you did the interior well, rooms tend to say a lot about the people who live in them and it sems to fit pretty well.

Yeah- I don't lke herr eithere, she's an idiot. Who says...'um for now' when someone asks if you're friends. Ugh. Please tell me you don't know people like that! Looking forward to chapter 9...
4/29/2007 c8 14Night Play
HAH! YAY! FINALLY SOME ACTION. well not action, but you know something between Seaton and Jayden. and he trust him! so cute!

4/29/2007 c8 3otter pop
I realy like it! But, why would we hate Charlie? I'm confused, he didn't SEEM mean...
4/28/2007 c8 Meri
Gwah! so cute! he let him sleep in his bed :)..and am i supposed to be getting the pedophile vibe from Charlie?
4/28/2007 c8 2Alex1316
I just started readin this story the other day, and low and behold, here's another update! I love it when updates happen fast! You're doing a great job on this story, and i cant wait for the next chapter. I have so many hypothesis's about your story, I'm just waiting patiently to see if their proven correct!

~ Alex
4/28/2007 c8 4Amindaya
Geez, I love this chapter. Seaton is so observant. ^^ I can't wait to see how their covnersation is going to go.
4/28/2007 c8 thenorthface
i'm so glad that Seaton figured it out!

i'm looking forward to this conversation in the morning
4/28/2007 c8 3Lucas D
Oh there sure is a lot in this chapter, and I am not referring to the almost lack of incorrect grammar. I was just being a pest now, ignore me.

I may have never visited the U.S, but I got acquainted with many Americans with the help of the internet. Unfortunately, more than half of the females I know are a perfect replica of your Lauren. Spotting that 'I have air in my head and my brains up my ass' girl in your story made me cringe, but I thank you nonetheless for reminding me why I peel the proverbial layers of masks off people before judging them.

Oh Al, my love. Of course, it's the kind of love right in the middle of which one has to die, preferably killed by the other. Aside from a brief look of 'sorry' in earlier chapters (if i am not mistaken), him having no compassion/regret/any other positive human emotion at all is a bit odd, but I assume he's usually either drunk or just plain crazy. Not to mention in dire need of long anger management sessions with Jesus or some other extra-patient masochistic guy. Did I mention that I do, dig and sputter sarcasm? Jayden does it justice.

Charlie is, excuse my language, a bitch. I have a sensor in my head that goes 'Kaboom' when a bitch is in a fifty feet radius. Whatever his role is in this story, I am sure you won't mind writing an alternate ending in which he gets first strangled then minced by me. It will please me greatly and appease my anger/disgust/love/whatever i'm feeling for him.

I won't impose on you my opinion of the two other girls since you probably know what i'm going to say. As for Seaton, it's true that sometimes one finds security and comfort in the most dangerous-looking places, and while Alfred screams 'pathetic', Seaton practically drips 'bad-ass'. Not my type, but he does seem to catch Jay's eye there. I can't wait to read the scenes of confusion, confessions (although probably silent ones), love and other sappy moments. Extra points for you if you manage to make my breath hitch and/or sigh happily after reading those.

I enjoyed this chapter, even more than the previous one. You're a natural when it comes to fast updates, and that's a big plus. Not letting your readers catch their breath before dropping more goodness (and gayness) on their shoulders.

Oh and love me tender, love me sweet. I like it that way if you plan on being reincarnated twice.

My best wishes.
4/28/2007 c8 7Love Eternally
Lauren is insane and reminds me of a lot of girls at my school who I can't stand. I'm getting creepy feelings from this Charlie. If he feels so bad then why doesn't he stop Alfred. And he's too nice to Jayden. Scary nice. But Seaton's cool. Really cool. Can't wait for more.
4/28/2007 c7 And-on-Anonymous
Wow! That's a whole lotta love, I guess i can't not review now!

Another good one... I'm so attached to this story now. I HAVE to know what's going to happen- o, liked the flashbacks by the way. Looking forward (as per usual) to the next one :)
4/27/2007 c7 magalina
Aw, Seaton was cute in the car at the start :D And I liked the swimming/drowning part.

Oh, those dreams... CanĀ“t wait to know more about what happened! XD Oh, I wanted Seaton to be there... is he going to be waiting outside? :D Awesome chapters! Update soon... though you actually do update incredibly fast!
4/27/2007 c7 22NeonX
Seaton reminds me of The Punisher. I know this is supposed to be a love story, but everytime something happens to Jayden I'm expecting Frank Castle (Seaton) to burst in with guns blazing.
4/27/2007 c7 Iamausername
Okay so this story is pretty much love love love. For serious. It's very well written and I'm loving the plot and all. Plus the characters are the shizzit. Especially Seaton. I would steal him and raise him in my basement (in a totally non creepy way of course) but then we wouldn't have a story now would we? And that's just no good. And adorable little jayden wouldn't be able to have secret I-don't-like-him-okay-maybe-I-do thoughts.

Long story short? This story has officially made onto my favourites list. And you pretty much rock my socks...even though I don't know you. This story makes you THAT cool.
4/27/2007 c7 Midnights Scream
NO! You are evil. giving us a cliffy like that. It was good though even though the flashbacks are kinda confusing me.:)
4/27/2007 c6 Midnights Scream
:) Awesome. New characters are coming and he's befriedning people!Go Jayden!:)
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