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4/27/2007 c5 Midnights Scream
:) Awesome!I like the whole idea about love. It's morbid yet weird...I can't really explain.
4/27/2007 c6 magalina
I hope his teacher isn´t... trying anything :/ I like him now... but if actually tries... bleh. It´s great that he meets up with the girls in the bookstore! And I´m really intrigued by that about not trusting friends and that!

Yes! We all want him abgry XO And it was great that he did get angry at the end.

What´s with Charlie :o Can´t wait!

I´m off to read the next one! :D
4/27/2007 c4 Midnights Scream
*gasp* no straggle. :) I really liked this chapter! An the whole thing about the pizza was amazing..yet sad. *sniffle*
4/27/2007 c7 7Love Eternally
AW. I wanna cry now. he's so upset. What happened? I'm all worried now. poor guy. I can't wait for more of this story. I wanna finds out what happens with Seaton, awesome name by the way. I love Jayden, he just needs a hug. Update soon.
4/27/2007 c7 4Amindaya
Stubborn teachers...this story just keeps getting better and better. More please!
4/27/2007 c7 3Lucas D
First of all, thank you for the fast update.

The chapter's not too long to be boring, not too short to annoy the hell out of me - you did great once again.

I'm not usually a grammar nazi, but some things like typos mess with my concentration badly. You typed "then" instead of "than" (context hints it should be the latter), "evn" instead of "even", "set my up" instead of "set me up" and other minor things. I suggest you reread slowly before you post next time.

And that Charlie.. my my... I know I said I won't be guessing, but for some reason I got the feeling that Jay's comment about everyone always wanting something has something to do with that Charlie guy. Offering comfort then asking for something in return? don't answer that. Just keep surprising me and I'll keep leaving long, thoughtful reviews.

Seaton does remind me of a close to me person (yes, sarcastic, moody bastards can actually get close to someone without losing their so called 'charm'). He has his own non conformist ways to put someone back into shape, without that person knowing he was doing so. A very sneaky bastard.

Again, lack of Alfred. You must either really hate my guts, feel sorry for your readers or feel sorry for poor Jayden there. Whichever it is, you better correct it in the next chapter.

I jest, i jest.

And girls really do NOT get it. No matter what one says - rational or not, they just don't know when to give up. Sometimes it's not such a bad trait.

Oh and Mr. Spencer is the nice, nosy , 'I-need-to-know-everything' professor. He just cannot limit his knowledge to chemistry, now can he? I don't particularly like him, but I know he means well. Do I really have to mention that I know someone just like him? I think we covered the fact that your story brings the characters to life (not to mention almost steals them from my life mysteriously).

Well, I believe that's all I have to offer you today. Don't be surprised if towards the end of this story I will start leaving 'really' long reviews. It's good to know you enjoy my rants.

Cheers, and good luck!
4/27/2007 c7 25Esquirella
How about you make Seaton a warlock and then he turns Al into a frog? Then the frog can run over by a semi! And throw Charlie in just for kicks. I'm getting a bad feeling about him.
4/27/2007 c7 sugardandy
*Love* wow, you're like the master of updating. I'm so happy I don't have to wait long for another new chapter, but then again the chapters that are posted only make me want to read the next update right away ... damn.

Hehe, fine, If I can't have a threesome, I'll hide in the closet with a video camera. Then I will share the tape with the rest of our fellow Yaoi fangirls
4/27/2007 c7 14Night Play
AWE! gosh. im excited for the next chapter.

man, i remember reading your other chapter THIS MORNING. and now look, ANOTHER ONE. gahh! love.
4/27/2007 c6 And-on-Anonymous

I like the way he casually strats thinking about Seaton more and more- that's quite realistic, I swear crushes do always creep up on you aNd before you know it you're head over heels...

So interested to know about Charlie...

Mr Spencer seems pretty cool, I hope Jayden manages to tell him in the end. And I love Suki and Linda- I read in you reply to someone else's review that you were aware they seemed a bit stereotypical- well i think the fact they are lesbians makes them atypical because a stereotypical lesbian is very different from the way you have portrayed these girls. Well done. I thikn they're great.

Loking forward, as always to hte next chapter :)
4/26/2007 c6 4Amindaya
How can you not love a manga in which the main character is a sociopathic murderer with a god complex? ^^ L's my favorite character; I cried when he died.

Ah, a sweet bastard. Very accurate description. I like how he's trying to get Jayden to stand up for himself. And eccentric friends are the best kind!
4/26/2007 c6 thenorthface
oh, this is my new addiction.

although, i would not fall in love with someone who called me brat and treated me like a kid, i must say. Seaton can't be THAT much older than Jayden.

I like the teacher, a lot. I hate Charlie. I'm getting this creepy rapist vibe from him.

My ultimate favorite part:

finding out that Seaton is actually goading Jayden so that he'll feel emotion
4/26/2007 c6 sugardandy
We, I'm reviewing again, so u love me now right? teehee!

I haven't been able to do anything in a while, between school and work I haven't had the time. Then on top of that I've been doing chin ups and push ups in gym like there is no tomorrow (my arms are noodles right now).

But then my bad week ended when I came online and found my favourite Yaoi story (this story teehee) updated with several chapters. I'm just falling in love with Jayden and Seaton!

Will Seaton find out about Jayden's situation soon? *Sque!* The cuteness is overwhelming
4/26/2007 c6 Sapphire
Wow...your story is great, the characters are so cool! lol... i love Jayden, he's such a cute person ^-^ please keep writing.
4/26/2007 c6 25Esquirella
Hmm. What's the backstory on this Charlie guy? And I'm still hoping for that semi to come rolling through, just so ya know. LOL
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