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4/24/2007 c4 3Lucas D
Well, i can see why many people dont like Al there, but im afraid he contributes too much to the story. I like him, in some odd twisted way. So far, the story is by far one of the best I read in a long time. Hope you will continue updating regularly.

Good luck and thank you for sharing.
4/24/2007 c4 14Night Play
Your pizza theory-thing was funny. xD haha. I was like, "Wtf?" xD but it was cute and such. I liked it. and that was fast enough for me.

now guess what? I WANT MORE! hahaha. yess. I really liked it.
4/23/2007 c4 7Love Eternally
Ok, the whole cop thing. The phone convo from last chapter sounded suspsiciously like a cop undercover. I watch too much tv. . . ok anyways this chapter. Jayden, while adorable and needing hugs, seriously thinks too much. Then again, in his situation, who wouldn't. I love him though. He's so adorable. Mr. Andrews, definitely doesn't fit him I agree with Jayden, is cool. If a bit rude. I love his attitude. Great chapter. Love Eternally.
4/23/2007 c4 magalina
About the pizza thing, I liked the part about being a round thing inside a square box :)

Mr. Andrews, huh? Sounds like an old guy´s name :P Kind of like it on him though. What IS he going to do now? Run away? No can do, not with his leg like that... Oh, one thing about that. If it were broken he´ll be or unconscious or screaming his lungs out... doesn´t mather how though he is :D It´s very very painfull.

Well, if you can´t kill him the make him suffer! Have Mr. Andrews there beat the crap out of him! :o Who was he talking to on the phone in the other chapter? And... what happened to Jayden the last time he got into a car like that?

Update soon!
4/23/2007 c4 4Amindaya
Oh yeah, I definitely like it!

Loved the pizza metaphor!

4/23/2007 c3 magalina
Oh, mysterious... :D Can´t wait to know more about the new guy. Poor, poor Jayden... Kill his dad? Okay. Linda was nice, hope to see her more too ^_^ Update soon!
4/23/2007 c2 25Esquirella
Poor Jayden can't catch a break! Can you have his dad get run over by a semi? Just asking ... LOL

Thanks for reading my stuff! Let me know what you think as you progress!
4/22/2007 c3 1twilove
Well...*claps hands and looks at AMV,* that was really good! You know despite the grammatical errors here and there...but overall I'm actually liking it! A lot.

Anyway, I'll just come out and tell you this: This is actually the first time I've read a Slash story, and so far it's really good.
4/22/2007 c3 puppy dog eyes
More Jayden and other guy interaction! For some reason I like the other guy even though he's kind of mean to Jayden. He makes the story interesting plus Jayden is curious about him. Looking forward to the next chapter.
4/22/2007 c3 Midnights Scream
:) I liked Jayden too. :)Good story so far. :P You should write some more.
4/21/2007 c3 14Night Play
! I'm so glad this was updated fast! It made me happy today, I love your story. It's greatt. Update soon.
4/21/2007 c1 Midnights Scream
hm, it's believable so far so point for you and I think I'll continue reading.:)
4/21/2007 c3 4Amindaya
Can't wait for more.
4/21/2007 c1 Amindaya
I like it, especially how you did the different sections, ending them in a parellel manner. I'm off to read more now.
4/21/2007 c3 sugardandy
ya, sometimes I find yaoi to be so mucb cuter, especially with an Uke like Jayden, *giggles at mental images*. I'm kinda fangirl-ish if u haven't been able to tell yet, but who cares! hehe, keep writing, you're so good at it!
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