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9/16/2019 c28 71AlysonSerenaStone
Great story! I have really enjoyed reading this over the last couple of weeks!
9/24/2015 c19 1Montara
I just don't understand why all these vampires stay in this town and not just escape, live their own lives far away from Demetrius!
9/24/2015 c18 Montara
I don't think Seth will take her to Demetrius, he'll try to save her, I'm sure.

But she should try and make her mom believe her about the vampires...then, they'll have a change to escape...
9/24/2015 c17 Montara
Poor girl, she doesn't know anymore who to trust :
9/24/2015 c16 Montara
Seth is pushing her away to save her..but I think just by being there, in that town, she's in danger, so what's one more? :)
9/24/2015 c15 Montara
Landon...an interesting character who probably has his own reasons for starting a friendship with her.

Finally, Seth will be truethfull..hope it won't cost his life :
9/23/2015 c14 Montara
She shouldn't have trusted Lacey! Now she's again in danger!
9/23/2015 c13 Montara
Wow, I was right, they want to eat them, prey for their leader, once in 10 years...And Sean is really dead...bet Alessa will start to get suspicious of her friends after this...
9/23/2015 c12 Montara
Sean...might be food already. I wonder why the vampires are bothering with Alessa and her mom if they deal with their problems like that?! Maybe they want something from them?
9/23/2015 c11 Montara
I think her mom is to blame too, but also Alissa, since none of them tried until this fight to do something about that distance between them.

But, it's only been a week, I'm sure her grades can't do too much damage, she still has time to get good grades. And I'm sure her mom will try to make things right, staying more home with her daughter.

Alissa was cruel indeed and she'll have to ask for forgiveness after Seth will rescue her once again.
9/23/2015 c10 Montara
Derek treating her nice...suspicious. And now this detective...
9/23/2015 c9 Montara
Seth seems to be such a nice vampire :)))
9/23/2015 c8 Montara
Seth is protecting her but why did they, a town full of vampires, accepted her and her mom in their town in the first place? Maybe they need something from them?
9/23/2015 c7 Montara
Omg, I believe I'm thinking too much as a mom because her actions seem to me so wrong and without thought...

I can understand her impulse to try to find out the truth, but after being attacked twice and knowing what's out there, her wondering around like that doesn't put her into a good light...

At least she's lucky enough having Seth around to save her from her wrong decisions!
9/23/2015 c6 Montara
Wow, she now knows the truth without a doubt, although, she shouldn't be so reckless! And Seth helped her again...
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