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for Some Kids and the Need for a Plot

6/22/2008 c5 2Itsuyaya
Cool! I love the skinshifter. The shapeshifter isn't half-bad either. Hm...
6/22/2008 c4 Itsuyaya
Ort? *flavors the name on my tounge* I like it! Winifred's right, it is fun to say. *hums happily*
6/22/2008 c3 Itsuyaya
*throws hands in air* Yay! A wolf! A talking one, no less. Hmm... What's its name?
6/22/2008 c2 Itsuyaya
If I was Humphrey I'd be like, "No what?" Lol. Oh, well. On to chaper 3! ^-^!
6/22/2008 c1 Itsuyaya
Hm... Winifred's up to something. I just see her sitting in a corner making devious little plans. Actually, I might just join her in those plans. I'm bored...
3/26/2008 c2 2TawnyCat16
I love it, Spirit!

You're such a good writer, oh my god!
11/24/2007 c9 6The Crazy Talk Kid
I think it's still going well. I've enjoyed what I've read and look forward to more. Kdh.
11/22/2007 c5 The Crazy Talk Kid
The more I read this story the more I enjoy it. ^-^ Kdh.
11/22/2007 c1 The Crazy Talk Kid
One good deed deserves another. I'm enjoying this story so far and I love crazy people. I am one. I'll be sure to keep reading. Kdh.
8/18/2007 c9 6Runningflame
No, I think it's going great! This may be the best chapter so far, in my opinion-possibly because it seems that they've found somewhat of a plot, even if they don't realize it. ;^D It's also free of spelling and grammar errors-except for one missing quotation mark near the end. I think it's only getting better. Keep at it!
7/22/2007 c8 Runningflame
Well, I haven't reviewed for a few chapters, so I thought I'd say great job, still/again! This is a very fresh and original story, and I'm enjoying it immensely. The one place where you *might* want to change the wording a bit is as follows:

"The others ate their fill, making sure they didn’t eat everything—especially Phyll—and then made their way back to the ‘camp’."

I know what you meant, but [tries to hold back laughter] it sounds like they were restraining themselves from eating Phyll! [rideo] Not sure exactly how to fix it off the top of my head, but I'm sure you can figure something out. Keep up the good work! ;^D

P.S. Knowing Ampersand's name, I was immediately looking for the punctuation mark in his sister's... lol. Mixing it up a little bit was good, though. ^_^
7/16/2007 c1 4tabiscus
wow this is really funny. I've never read or heard of an author making his characters find a plot inside of a plot-or whatever. i think i might be confusing myself now...anyways i thought this was pretty good. Keep writing!
5/9/2007 c1 Runningflame
Well, I don't know if you care about this or not, but to me, two is not "some". There's only two kids. So maybe you should think about tweaking the title a little bit... ;^)
5/6/2007 c5 Runningflame
LOL! "Oh, we're plot devices." ^_^ That was great, SH!
5/4/2007 c4 Runningflame
Spirithunter, I love this story! You've really got some great ideas for characters and settings. I would say plot is a bit unorganized, but after all, that's what they're looking for! ;^D Great job, looking forward to more chapters!
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