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for Blackened Soul

2/20/2011 c1 12Ainu
Sorry to say this, but I'm glad you wrote and shared this.

I feel exactly this way myself, so...I dunno, misery likes company?

Very powerful wording used here. I like it a lot.
5/8/2007 c1 wyckydgoddess
This is very good.
5/5/2007 c1 11A Dark Ray of Hope
wow. i can really feel the hopelessness here. and i love it. ^_^
4/30/2007 c1 28surrealphobia
Thanks for reviewing my essay and poem.

This poem like a sad lament, at first I thought the speaker was angry about this wasteland we live in but then as the lines progressed it turned around completley. I love the metaphors and imagery, I can't wait to read more of your work!

4/27/2007 c1 fire-breathing-kitten
This makes me VERY VERY SAD.

Mostly because I know the writer, and what an awesomely amazingly wonderful person he is and how lucky a mess like me is to know him and it annoys me lots that here it doesn't sound like he gets that. Those are not empty words, my friend :).

Good poem tho; I like the metaphor of the well, and the contrast you strike between your friends and yourself. You might want to take away the caps on "nothing" and the two ?'s, as they look unprofessional, but other than that, no big issues.

And yeah, about the I will forever be inferior thing...been there, lots. NOT ENJOYABLE.
4/25/2007 c1 174a silenced revolution
"My voice is cracked; my heart, a rock; my laugh, a drying spring."

That's an amazing line.

Overall, I liked this and found it quite relatable. There were some places where the rhythm seemed to be off to me, but all in all, good job.

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