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for It Was Only a Kiss

4/29/2007 c3 1fallen angel broken wings
very cute. i like this a lot. keep up the great work, and please update soon!
4/29/2007 c3 34Extraho-Uxor
very funny and interesting. looking forward to the next chapter!
4/28/2007 c3 11A Dark Ray of Hope
ooh, i love it! although i still haven't got a clear idea of the traits of each sextuplet, i love how your plot is going..keep it up! ^_^
4/28/2007 c3 domincanita.writer
OMG! this is such a good story... i can't wait til the next chapter! keep up the good work.
4/28/2007 c3 atreyu love
haha. i love the story, its really interesting and funny :D lol

4/28/2007 c3 19ihrtbks
Poor Christian; why'd he transfer? Christian kissed her for like a minute and is already jealous of Eric?

Love your story, so UPDATE SOON!
4/27/2007 c2 Rileyyy
o0o~! i like where this is going. please update soon.
4/27/2007 c2 3phelps112
I like it so far. can't wait to read more.
4/27/2007 c2 2My Sweetheart the Drunk
I'm enjoying this so far - though it would be great to see some more character development in upcoming chapters. Aside from that, I look forward to the next installment!
4/27/2007 c2 25Esquirella
Ah, the confrontation! So cool!
4/27/2007 c2 4Lindsay Marie
Hey. This is a pretty good story so far! The first chapter was absolutely hilarious. Though, I thought the whole swearing off men thing was kind of a surprise. It will be interesting to see how the story progresses. Please update more soon!
4/27/2007 c2 Hoodlives
Great start! Shelby is going to have a very interesting year…
4/26/2007 c1 Kaiyu Onibaba
This is very nice: funny and interesting. Update soon!
4/26/2007 c1 25Esquirella
Cool start!
4/26/2007 c1 Your Passion
I like this...You should def. update soon! Its good!
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