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for Three Poems

10/24/2007 c1 criti-sized
I'm so sorry I didn't review earlier, I've been so busy with mid-terms and all that, I haven't had the chance to do anything much on the internet.

Anyways, this was very nice. There were a few sentences in it that we re awkward, but it flowed nice enough. Your wording was great as well, but could've been better in certain areas that sounded a bit out of place.

5/14/2007 c1 163sharks don't sleep
Wow! These are really good. I especially like the one about your favorite pen. I hate to write in pencil because anyone can come along and erase it. I have a favorite pen as well, so your poem reminded me of it. Super job!

4/26/2007 c1 89Shadows in the Fire
...this isn't three poems, it's a depressing story!


P.S. The depressing story is good, though. Sorry to make it sound bad.

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