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6/7/2007 c1 4SerialXLain
Ooh, I love it. You could really feel his emptiness. I liked the end but I Love (with a capital L, see?) stories of boys in loony bins...so it would've been neat if this was longer...just because I'm greedy. :P

Nice story.

4/27/2007 c1 20210403
Oh... I don't know what to say. It seems like there should be more to this but at the same time, it's perfect the way it is. The beginning of the story just lulls itself in and at the end, trails off in wisps... wtf am I saying. There's a certain mystery and solemness to this story that makes you feel sympathy towards Marcus. Or something. Very well written as usual; I love the way you describe their thoughts.

4/26/2007 c1 Sarrasanne
I liked this a lot, mainly for your writing style, rather than the story (as you've probably figured, it is somewhat depressing). But what really made me like this guy is that he found something at the end. Really nice.

luv, Sa
4/26/2007 c1 Cealex
-blinks- o_o What was his condition? Sorta seemed like amnesia to me... And yeah, I caught onto the slash. Lol even though it IS in my nature to take things like that XP

Anyways, good job nice descriptions

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