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1/31/2012 c4 1candyp0p
Please continue this story! I love everything about it and I simply can't wait to read more.

1/31/2012 c4 candyp0p
Please continue this story! I love everything about it and I simply can't wait to read more.

11/9/2010 c4 6Aniko Comik
AWESOME! Get the next chap up soon.
3/18/2010 c4 9XxShadowDancerxX
Zomfg this story is amazing! ^_^ The writing and broad horizon of vocabulary makes this story amazing! I can't wait to read more, please write more... -pleading face- I see you haven't updated in almost two years but please do so! It's such a good story!
11/19/2008 c4 LK-chan
Okay, yeah, you can't just end like that! Stupid cliffhanger! I really liked this chapter because of the fact that much of its focus is on Eric and Aiden's relationship. But I was abit confused... did you mean for the whole phantom thing to be somewhat abstract for the time being? Because I'm confused as to what this phantom is.. is it really a ghost type thing, or is it a person? But I guess it IS meant to be mysterious, so I should hush. Hm.. so there ARE going to be vampires in this one? I didn't know if you had kept that part of the story in there. I look forward to some hot and heavy vampire awesomeness! Anyways, very very very good. Now, get busy writing the next chapter!

I better see chapter 5 posted by 12 am tonight!

J/k, but seriously, you better not stop with this one, or you are going to make me a very angry person. Ta ta! Happy writing!

11/19/2008 c3 LK-chan
Very nice! This was a very enjoyable chapter, I must say, even though some of Aiden's circumstances and situations made me abit uncomfortable (Poor Aiden!). I felt so bad for him, especially since I have been in so many ackward situations like that. Wonderfully written, great diction as always. Good knowlegdge of outside sources too! I'm supposed to be reading Hamlet tonight, actually, for English Xx, so now I know the gist of it. Keep up the good work! Oh yeah, forgot to mention, it pissed me off when Aiden mentioned how EASY calculus is... I hate calculus! Anyways, very very good, Sara! You better consider getting this story somewhere other than Fictionpress, if you catch my drift (lame, I know, but whatever).

Happy writing!
10/12/2008 c4 Domina Noctis
I have absolutley fallen in love with this story. You're a great author! Please updait! ^^
7/21/2008 c4 aki.ari
Your story is amazing to be blunt. I find the writing beautiful and well scripted. Your characters are well structured and their interactions with each other are well thought out and add to the building story. I really hope to see more soon.
12/19/2007 c4 14Rayne Auster
Good story hun... I like the way you write only it is sadly lacking updates... POUT... Please update...

Thanks hun
10/19/2007 c4 10ManyShadesOfGray
Another great chapter. You could almost feel what Adian felt, worry for him like Eric did. Very cool ^.^
10/17/2007 c1 3Shinigami Angel of Death
Hey since u read it to me and then i read it again really ginny its bad ass...i love your writing...its to deep like really i can drown in it...but then again i've told u so before so really i'm just giving u a big head i think!

so yes i read it...oh my Gackt!

Anyway i have to go to work now so i didn't get to finish it but cant wait! when i return i wanna know what happens! even though i know snippets of it cause u ruined it for me...like i did with the Elizabeth movie..so i guess were even...wow all this and really nothing...smack me when u come down!
9/8/2007 c2 5Natty Kat
Wow, an interesting story. Very dark for my taste. The emotion of the story, it makes me feel what Aiden feels, and I start to get depressed... I couldn't even finish ch. 2 because I was feeling too depressed to keep reading... I'll try to read it again another time...
9/7/2007 c1 10ManyShadesOfGray
Wow... I'd like to think of myself as a kindred spirit to Aiden but then again... Anywho, this was awesomely written. I love your overall voice while writing this. Truly masterful. I humbly bow to you Ging-Chan. I hope you don't mind me shortening the name ^.^

8/29/2007 c2 13RedLady
I am in anticipation as to what will happen next
4/30/2007 c2 LK-chan
Yay! This chapter has those juicy parts in it! Yum yum! It is so sad, though! Why are you so depressing! J/k... well, happy writing!
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