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for Abstract Wings

6/12/2007 c1 69Professional Dreamer
Oh. My. God. I love this poem so much. I want this one framed. I want to make it into a short film. I want...*squee!* It's just fantastic! May I make it into a picture or short film or something? Please please please?
5/6/2007 c1 169MallowsWins
All I can say to this is the visual is amazing. I've never seen Fantasia 20 (sadly), but this did create a very unique image in my mind.

Anyway, I'll be adding you to my favoritres now.
4/30/2007 c1 46antigonelives
I've never seen Fantasia 20, so I'm clueless as to anything that has inspired you, but still, 'twas lovely imagery... and that middle line! *dies*


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