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6/26/2007 c1 332smile for the sunshine
Wow; that was cool. It's nice to see another Christian. I usually don't write from exact verses, but it's good that you do. I wrote things like, "Crimson Tears from Calvary" and "Passion" but not from a specific verse. Just a specific event. Probably the most important one to our existence...well, eternally anyways. But going back on topic (yes, I tend to ramble and lose my original idea...) your poem was excellent. Very well written. The message was well conveyed. Keep up the great work! =]
5/4/2007 c1 Needa S
Beautiful! Write on.
5/1/2007 c1 194yodel a blue streak
Very flowy and pretty.
4/29/2007 c1 72Earthbound Angel 49
not usually my prefered reading material but I still like this alot. It flows well and keeps it gentle meaning without losing one to the other.

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