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for Defining Me from A to Z

5/24/2007 c1 15don juan banana
OK 1- ppl do not put defenitions in storis that is unrelestic who wud want 2 read a stori abut defentions THATS NOT FUN stop COPYING the dicteonary!

2- ur obv jelus of my stori bc u cant think of ne thing 2 rite about but defentions ya we have a book already abut dat

3- i can rite however and wenever i want sorri my storis are ORGINAL and not jus some vocab werdz from 3rd grade

get a freaken life but read my storis maybe u will get smarter
5/2/2007 c1 5The Angry Conservative
Interesting. Whenever you find a way to continue it, I'll be there to read it! I wanna know what happens, and I like the darkness of the story, and the hope for optimism
5/2/2007 c1 JennyBug
I liked it immensely. Continue. I have an idea. Maybe she has a shity family life, drug addict mother, alcholic father, and to escape it she becomes obsessed with this rich family that seems perfect. The friend she finds could be their hired help, maybe a love interest, or maybe a mentor.

Uh...Ok...I don't know where that ame from.

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