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4/8/2018 c1 Guest
2/9/2008 c11 11Torn and Tattered
Was a good chapter, I'm looking forward to reading more...so update soon!~ TAD
2/9/2008 c10 Torn and Tattered
A clean chapter and nicely done. ^^ Not much else to say.
2/9/2008 c9 Torn and Tattered
This chapter was interesting, very much so. It took me a while to remember most of the details though, which was the only fault, which is more like a fault with myself.
7/18/2007 c8 Torn and Tattered
Hm, it was short. My comp decided to be a stupid thing and blocked out alerts for a while, so i didn't get chapter 8's alert and just got 9's, which btw i don't have the chappie. Maybe instead of all the (parenthesis)you have, try to express the stuff we don't know in verbal statements the characters say. it makes the lines flow better.

7/16/2007 c7 7Vampire Kuroken
Sorry It's taken me so long to reply and Review... Summer vacation keeps you busy and my sister steas the computer most of the day so.. I can barely get on. I'm still loving the story and have to say you're a great writer. Keep up the good work I'll read the next chapter sometime.. since my friend is nagging me to get off so she can call me anyways as I said good work so far. (P.s. Sorry but I don't have the ch. saved... sorry ^^')
6/15/2007 c8 9RestlessOne
I love this story please update soon!
6/12/2007 c7 4Dharvik
The basic plot is very interesting. I think you should eliminate some of the cussing because it seems a bit overdone. You should give more details and descriptions to help the reader visualize the ships flying through space during the war. Also, take out any street-talk that is not in dialogue. Other than those few things, I think it is great. If you add any new chapters I'll read and review them as well.
5/30/2007 c7 11Torn and Tattered
i loved this chapter! it was good.

i liked the start of the action.

can't wait for more!

5/16/2007 c6 Torn and Tattered
It was a good chapter. I liked how well they knew each other, and Isaac's resolution was rather, um, how to say it, thought out.

Yuppers. Hope you update soon.

5/13/2007 c5 Torn and Tattered
Aww I really liked this chapter. The reunion was a bit unrealistic though. After 60 years, i'd be like WHOA... but anyways, other than a few errors like 'there' for 'their' there wasn't much to comment about.

hope u update soon!

5/13/2007 c4 Torn and Tattered
I liked this chapter the best so far. It showed the attitude of some of your characters and how they took things that were given to them, as well as who the main characters were overall.

So yeah. Awesomeness (it's actually a word XD)

5/13/2007 c3 Torn and Tattered
This was a good, though a bit short, chapter. Are they really immortal as you put it? I'm guessing they are, because you stated that he always looks eighteen. So yeah...

5/13/2007 c2 Torn and Tattered
I liked this chapter better than the last. it got your attention more, and makes you ask questions that you want answered (I swear that's a good thing) so yeah. it was good. to the next chap ^^

5/13/2007 c1 Torn and Tattered
Ah, it was a good start. I'm not going to lie in saying it was perfect, because i think it could use just a bit wore detail to make it more grabbing to the mind's eye (i liked that... lolz, i'm a girl, kill me now if you hate it when people are amused at nothing). But it was good, as i said before... and i'll keep reading.

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