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for Dante: Tsubame Blades

12/6/2007 c22 wilko4523
awsome, amazing, brilliant,

i like the fact that Dante isn't all powerful and can be tricked and beaten.

please please please write a sequel, if you don't then i shall live in a constant state of depression (ok slight overstatement but..you know thats just how good it is)

love/hate the cliffhanger, it sets it up really well for the next book (hint hint)

9/5/2007 c22 7Nanao Nagase
There is only one word to summarise this: awesome.

I can't help but love everything in this chapter, from Dante's last words to Kara's fight with the Messiah. I just kept reading, captured by the flow of the story. I especially enjoyed the last part, with Karas and his master. It's very interesting to see how much Karas grieved for Dante, when they hated each other for what seemed like a long time ago.

'A pair of timid hairs shook the Blade King awake.'

I think you meant 'hands'.

'A trudging of boots in the distance'

'He could hear the trudging of boots in the distance' would fit better.

That was all I could find, really. You did a great job with words in this chapter.

As a final note, I hope Dante returns... one day. Nevertheless, the story ended quite well, though there were several open endings and minor loopholes (Who is Kara's master? Was he meant to be delibrately masked?).

Until we meet again, keep on writing.

9/5/2007 c22 arirang


The ending is amazing. Seriously. I'm loving it. It's not happy, but it's fulfilling, and bittersweet...and you left a cliffhanger for yet another book, or perhaps just an open end for readers like me to speculate upon.

This was a great story. Again, I can't stress how much I loved the ending!

Hopefully, this will not be the last time we meet. :)

9/5/2007 c22 I.F
Arrghh! Second time writing this! Recovered from my memory: I LOVE THIS STORY! I LOVE THIS STORY! I may not review a lot but I love this story. I have mixed feelings about the ending, I'm sad that Dante died but I'm happy that he stopped suffering. I'm happy that you ended it with hope that Dante will come again, but EVERY time Dante is given a second chance at life he always ends up hurt! And Rukia! ARAGGH! You gotta pitty her for ending up with a jerk and feeling sorrow from her past memories of Dante. But you gotta HATE her because it's HER fault she ended up with the JERK since she went with him willingly and doesn't just leave him; also SHE killed Dante in the first place (the last time she tried to kill him doesn't count since we can blame it on temporary insanity)! However I can still hate Martin fully since he doesn't show any attachment to his past life and he treats Rukia badly! If there is a sequel I hope Dante gets a better chance at life, at least this time he has Karas to look after him. If there is another sequel or not, I've enjoyed your stories and I'm thankful for the update.
9/2/2007 c21 Nanao Nagase
Shit, you can't end it there!

I'm demanding that you update this immediately, I need to know what happens. Though I don't think Dante will die, seeing as one of his kai is a healing one... but I do predict a bloodbath between him and Rukia.

I like this chapter, the action in it was rather good. Loved the part where he combined with Karas to reveal the blade of Aether. There are minor spelling errors in here, but I'm not going to pick at it because it doesn't affect the story. I would suggest you use proper English for your author's notes, though- using shortcuts make it hard to read.

Other than that, great job.

9/2/2007 c21 arirang
I have a complaint!



Anyway, great cliffhanger. All the more reason to update sooner. Dante seems a little too powerful, like...he could easily defeat the Messiah from the impression I'm getting, and with this whole scythe thing in his chest now, can't he just heal that anyway? :( It's no fun if the main character doesn't suffer a near-death experience.

I thought the poisoned ground thing was really creative.

Hey, do you ever plan to publish this?
8/11/2007 c20 Nanao Nagase
This builds up the tension nicely. You've left me wanting more of Dante, actually. With so much stuff going on, I'd like to see how you end all of this with only two or more chapters. Your description and pacing of the story in this chapter is good as well.

I've said this before but I'll say it again: I really like Karas's connection with Dante. They really seem to compliment each other's personality. I hope they continue to work together.

I hope this ends spectacularly.

Update soon!

8/10/2007 c20 arirang
Wisteria? Huh?

Anyway, there wasn't much action in this chapter but it explained a whole lot and set us up for some DEFINITE excitement in the next chapters (there are only two left?).

Dante vs. Rukia...crap...that sucks. Update soon, I have to find out what happens!
7/24/2007 c19 1arirang
Ack! "My only enemy...is that boy." Where the hell do Kiba's loyalties lie? Is he against the Messiah or what?

I hate it when a group that should be united is instead separated cuz of an unimportant issue. Like Kiba's past reincarnation's lover.

Well this is definitely getting exciting. I smell a climax. You better hurry up :P
7/23/2007 c19 I.F
YES! YOU UPDATED! I'm so happy for another chapter! I hope Kiba/Number 3 doesn't change sides, but if he trys wouldn't Number 3 be able to supress Kiba?
7/11/2007 c18 arirang
Lol, sorry, not 21 quite yet, but I can't wait to be!

I do feel the story coming to a close. Dante will have to kill Rukia, right? Because she's a vamp now? Ooh, it's so weird, the whole Dante/Karas thing. Do you watch Naruto? Dante/Karas reminded me of Zetsu. If you don't know who he is, he's also half black and half white, and his two sides talk to each other. Except he's also part man-eating plant.


Oh Lordy Lou poor Kiba! This is getting only more and more interesting, even though the end is close. T_T

6/29/2007 c17 arirang
Ooh, nice save, Dante. I'm glad that you realized Dante is still weak and needs a bit of rescuing. Or a lot of rescuing.

So it seems like Dante is finished in that world, and will finally be going back. Phew! Took him long enough. He's not really a god, because he has to be "woven out of the fabric of the universe"? Well, he did create his universe, does that count? I can see where the "masked stranger" is coming from, though. I think Dante submitted a little too easily to that masked stranger, the pansy ass.

Lol, I did notice your curses. I'm actually kind of glad you didn't make Dante a curser-makes him more attractive.

(Sigh) What is it with guys and Runescape? What is so addicting about it?
6/21/2007 c16 arirang
Oh Dante will find a way to get rid of Merlin. I'm sad that you made Merlin evil, though. Merlin, as in the wizard, is one of my favorite classic fantasy characters. T_T

I think your insults could be a little better. I mean, you've rated it T, so don't be scared to curse occasionally! I just noticed Merlin's reference to the Blade as a "stinky sword" and I think something stronger would sound more serious, maybe "fucking slab of metal" is much more derogatory. But if cursing offends you, just ignore what I said. It is a very personal opinion I'm throwing out here.

Till next time!
6/14/2007 c15 7Nanao Nagase
This chapters have become kind of... sloppy, I guess. Sentences are not ended properly and words were missed out, making it difficult to understand the sentence flow.

'What! curses vulgarly in his small mindscape Well, I’ve got another idea, if you want to listen '

'think I know why rubs chin while deep in thought It was successful all the way until it entered our world'

I think you included the movement of Dante by accident. If you meant to do it, then I have to say that the sentence format sounds too 'animated' and resembles an instant message conversation.

Aside from that, the story is getting more interesting. I'm really intrigued by Dante's situation, and how he is going to return to his world. Also, Dante and the Royal Blade's banter crack me up. It's funny to see how much they hate each other, but yet manage to escape from sticky situations if they cooperate.

Continue to update!

6/13/2007 c15 arirang
w00t! The Reapers are coming back!

Tell Dante to hurry his little butt up-his world needs him! The Royal Blade is a bastard but they seem to be working together well, even if they argue with each other. Hey, you could let both of them go back to Dante's world and with their combined power, they could save it, couldn't they?

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