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for Wildflowers in Her Hair

5/27/2007 c1 CynicalCyanide
5/26/2007 c1 poncypuck
Great imagery, beautiful descripions, very poetic. I like the allusions to litery heroins you've added. Nice work!

-Thanks for the review! I didn't realize the punctuation errors until you pointed them out and am going to fix them.
5/14/2007 c1 59Tranquil Thorns
Oh wow. I absolutely adore it.
5/7/2007 c1 70EyesEmphatic
Beautiful. And well written. I love it.
5/6/2007 c1 16Love to Laugh
This was truly beautiful. I could see this little girl in my head and the line "Cold dead wood is her only pillow" nearly broke my heart.

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