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for Scars

6/12/2007 c1 69Professional Dreamer
I love. Again. I just love the imagery you use when you write.
5/13/2007 c1 Emphasis
Very short, but very good. i liked it alot, 4 out of 5 stars.

Thanx for reviewing my story, I sometimes write random stuff and throw it on here,:) My other poems are not like that, though.
5/12/2007 c1 Her Wishing Well
I love the imgery on this, the language as well is great. It's different, well done.
5/6/2007 c1 46antigonelives
Great imagery! Though sorry about your gash... I tend to injure myself a lot on accident, but it's never been *that* extreme.

5/6/2007 c1 13sunscraped
the majority of people, when hearing about cutting, automatically think of females. it's good that you bring this point around. that is, if you look at your poem in terms of cutting.

this is a good poem, though. concise and it isn't all over the place. you stick with the same metaphor so it doesn't sound liek patchwork. good job.
5/6/2007 c1 11xDancingintheRainx
I love this. I've never thought of comparing mountains to scars, but I absolutely love the idea! You've worded this flawlessly and you've done an excellent job with the imagery! I'm adding this to my favorites.

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