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for You're Not My Boyfriend!

5/9/2007 c1 73xanthofile
Esquirella was right in that you have potential in this fic. and, if you don't mind me offering, i could help beta this for you, to polish the grammar and smooth out the overall structure. but that's only if you're interested. if so, email me or send me a pm.

oh, and for the record, i absolutely LOVED this bit, "Finally, I caught on, I may not be the most observant person but eventually even I could see he was hitting on me. He had long passed subtle and was well into harassment territory." it made me laugh out loud for the sarcastic wit of it all. or something like that. ^^

5/7/2007 c1 25Esquirella
I like the plot so far. It has GREAT potential. What's the poor stalkee's name and what does he look like? Maybe you should alternate POVs in your chapters and make the next one from Chris' perspective. It would help us get a handle on why he chose the math whiz guy, what drew him to Chris' attention? Keep going!
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