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for Aloneness

11/16/2007 c1 190Miz E. Mak
I relate to this poem so much... it seems like whenever I'm surrounded by people, I get antsy, frustrated, and need time to myself. But then when I have that time, I get lonely. Great poem. It captures that feeling in so few words that it's brilliant.
5/28/2007 c1 21lordelfy
life seems to always happen that way, good write
5/8/2007 c1 1el angelito
The mind always wonders when alone

keep writing
5/7/2007 c1 detectivediana
hmm... what i wonder is, if in this poem, "alone" means being physically alone or mentally alone or both. i get the impression it's being physically alone, but it's ambiguous. the last three lines strike me the most. when you need someone there the most, there's nobody. and that is often the sad reality...

keep writing!

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