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for The Day Mom Killed Mickey Mouse

9/5/2007 c1 1dropping dew
Hm... Nice, made me think. I think the only people who do something meaningful with their lives are the ones who shut up because they know someone has it worse than they do, and so they just work, play and die. I guess that outlook doesn't really make me want to shut up though. I'll probabaly die on a rainy day.
5/10/2007 c1 6Vinnie K
I don't know what to say. This was good. It made me think and I like pieces that make me do that. The whole sunny day thing...Interesting. I really liked the first part of this (the short, clipped sentences). Hmm.

Oh, I found a typo (sorry): "and that I'll day on a sunny day". It should be "die" not "day". You used it in the wrong context...unless I'm wrong and you meant to do that...Okay, I'm sorry I can't seem to focus because now all I'm thinking about is how you dressed up as Mickey Mouse and when you connect that to this...

Oh and just so you know, I haven't got time to reply to your message (I should be in bed) but I have read it and I just wanted to quickly say the following: You need a good kick up the ass, you pillock. I *told* you sugar was bad for you but would you listen to me? -glares- You'll never understand how annoyed I am with you. I'm not going to swear but honestly, you should insert a few F words into this because that's how bugged out I am!
5/9/2007 c1 8audsome
I was attracted by the title, the actually body wasn't quite what i had expected. a couple of years ago, i had a small mouse in my basement, it was captured and then thrown into the toilet and flushed, my baby sister cried: "don't kill my mickey mouse!"

also, this reminded me of eulogy for a poet(i can't remember the name of the poet or the title of the eulogy), he had died during winter, so the author of the eulogy, instead of writing about an unfortunate life lost, wrote of a life fulfilled. i was reminded of this by the part about sunny days.
5/9/2007 c1 2NeptuneShelly
A real thinker. Well done.


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