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3/31/2017 c21 renell.mallari.1995
This book is awesome. I enjoyed reading it.
1/14/2016 c21 4Ibbit
This is amazing and I really loved it. A few of the twists were predictable, like Calvin and Trenton, and some of the background of Morgan. The revelation that he was the kid who stole Scott threw me off so much, though. I hated how Alex started following Gladys's path and wishing Morgan dead. I wish Lori hadn't dropped off the map as a character, and we got more of the Nikki details, because side characters are important too. Poor Ivory. And poor Alex and Morgan for getting almost killed like 3-4 times each towards the end.
I love how you wrote everything, the suspense kept me up way later than I wanted it to. A lot of slash fics are just getting together stories and it's great to find a fic that isn't just that. One with more dimension. Thank you for writing this
10/6/2015 c1 zerefRomanticgyal
amazingly amazing
9/11/2015 c21 Old fragrance
Great story!
I'm still intrigued by Kribb.
I think he was a staff member in 1928, older than Gladys and the rest of them. I reread the part about Kribb (the inscription, the diary, the court) and the only way that it makes all sense is this theory:
Kribb, a staff member, maybe even a coach (the ghosts tend to possess those closest to their former identity in your book it seems) was in love with Gladys, an unrequired one, and he stalked her.
Some time before the events, Cal saved Gladys from him, when he followed her accross the campus.
Thus, he hated Cal and probably Trent too.
Then, Gladys learned the truth about the boys and made him an accomplice of his plan, used him for her revenge. He was madly in love with her, so I think he helped with covering up the fire incident, believing she would be his when it'd be all over.

And then, she killed herself, and in his pain and rage, he helped removed her from history, with the help of her father and the principal/chairman...

I don't know if I got it right... Did I?
I'd be curious of the end of this mystery.

Anyway I like your book :)
The story is well written and the mystery is intriguing.

Hope you keep on writing,
You got the talent :)


(forgive me for any gramatical mistake, I'm actually not an english native :) )
5/10/2015 c21 tyves986
Well, what can i say, I liked it. Though the T1 connection was weird because its an antiquated technology and was one even in 2007 (meaning it's 1.5 speed, the only good thing about it is stability and not it's speed). To be honest I kind of disliked Alex for a long time in this story. I am not sure when I started to think he was more likable. I think at the beginning he appeared rather 2D but he gained more depth along the way. At first I kept reading because Morgan was too much of an enigma and really I wanted to know. I guessed that he was this strange orange haired kid though when he brought it up, it was a too out of the blue, for it not to be something important.

I liked the ghost story portion including the Trent, Cal, Glady's triangle.I thought there might be some weird twist with Glady's loving her bother (in an incest way, but I immediately thought it was Calvin). It's kind of depressing to think Trent ended up convinced he was evil and that what he and Cal had was evil as well.

The ending was uhh bittersweet. Mostly because I don't see it lasting, because I am a believer that few relationships last after high school if your not going to the same school. But hey these kids crushed on eacher other a respective three years and 3 and a half years. That's a long time, so maybe they stay together.

Thanks for the story it was good!
2/21/2015 c19 artnoveau
This great. I hope getting a review after all this time still gives you that warm and happy feeling.
I'm reading your story for the second time, now years later, and must say that is perfect. Story and writing alike.
2/3/2015 c7 1Ellie. C.J
Omg. this is super cute! but i smell a hint of btrayal coming soon.. gosh. hehehe ;) thanks for the good work..
2/3/2015 c1 Ellie. C.J
okay, u're funny. and sexy as hell when writing. gosh. love this.
1/1/2015 c21 lostlamb
I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon this. I loved this story. The mystery was down right awesome and I loved feeling almost as confused as the characters. Even at the end with Kribb because I'm sure the Kribb was mention in the diary. Makes me wonder what was his part. Was it the same as Winterton's as history was repeating or not? I like it. It's complete but not really. Still I have so many questions and wonders but it's done. We can't know everything of the past if we weren't there. We can only guess. Also bit confused about Ivory. He was one that would soon be wiped away like the others, but he never seemed resentful. I don't get Ivory's function. I don't understand but I do. You dear author have confused me. Thank you. Still love the story amidst my confusion. It was awe inspiring.
9/13/2014 c14 1Rehtse
I think I got it! I've thought about this for the last couple of chapters, but this chapter confirmed it.


'Glady's, or whatever her name is, was in love with Trent. Trent was in love with Cal, thus the mysterious glances on his pictures, the beating and his lost connection to his father. Cal was engaged to 'Gladys' and totally oblivious to it all, until Gladys somehow killed him. Gladys set the fire and killed herself, blaming Trent, because he didn't love her back. Trent named one of his daughters Gladys, because he felt bad about all that happened...

Is this totally wrong or did I get some of it right? This mystery story is really good, so I'll continue reading and se how much or little I got right ;)
9/1/2014 c21 Trillpuv
I'm crying why isn't this a published novel
9/1/2014 c21 Lorray95
Can I just say WOW! This story was amazing. I laughed, I cried, as sad, happy, and angry. When you read a book that makes you feel all that you know that it's an awesome book. Keep writing and posting girl cuz this story was just AMAZINGGGG!
4/17/2014 c21 Guest
Started out well and unfortunately like Out of Orbit fell apart soon after. The ghost story to be honest was boring and I skimmed it. The whole every gay guy and female in Morgan's vicinity wanting to fuck him was Gary Stu-ish and annoying. And also like in Out of Orbit one character forgives the other way too easily. Characters like Alex and Jesse with no backbone are some of my least favorite.
2/19/2014 c20 Ginny
Wow I never want to be in a horror movie, I'm black and from what I've seen we are always the first to die which really really sucks but then again the slut always dies as well
10/21/2013 c21 7opelleam
Really great story, i love the mix between a classic slash love story and the ghost story, very well written also.
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