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7/2/2007 c13 2Maline Elensar
excellent the fighting scene was really well done
7/2/2007 c13 6Carmel March
Hey, that wasn't a crappy fighting scene! I liked it. Short, but you packed a punch even with those few paragraphs. Great job :) I'm looking forward to more of this!

6/20/2007 c4 1LunaWolfheart
aww that was cute at the beginning! shopping! oh so much fun! but kinda sad at the end! poor thing!

6/20/2007 c11 6Carmel March
Darkly fascinating. Great chapter!

6/20/2007 c11 luv me like no other
Is this mysterious new man the fourth race? Or is Audrey's baby the fourth race? Or is Meghan the fourth race? eep!
6/20/2007 c10 luv me like no other
Whoa, I'd love to be ur beta! Um also, i want to have your babies too, because you're such an awesome writer! lol.
6/19/2007 c10 Carmel March
This proved to be an excellent finals-distracting chapter. I was about to turn off my computer to sit down and study for my Economics exam when I decided to check my email. And when I saw that you had updated, I couldn't resist :) Great chapter! Very intriguing :D Update as soon as you can!

6/19/2007 c3 1LunaWolfheart
o i liked that! very nice! was really good..you still have a few spelling misatkes..but thats ok nobody is perfect ne?

6/19/2007 c2 LunaWolfheart
that was really good i enjoyed reading that! it is completly different from what ive read before! i like it!

6/18/2007 c1 LunaWolfheart
that was lame in the least bit! thought it was pretty kool! kinda reminds me of an anime show i watched called fullmoon. really cute. ^-^ i like your story! its really good so far

~ Luna

P.s. just posted my frist story2 chaptes now! please read and review
6/16/2007 c9 6Carmel March
Well, I liked this chapter. It wasn't boring! Just informative.

Hmm, next chapter should probably be in Jonathan's point of view. I think that would work the best.

Update as soon as possible!

6/14/2007 c9 luv me like no other
eep! I noticed a few typos in this chapter. However, it was very interesting. The angels seem more cold and cruel than the demons, who at least rescue their kind from captivity...
6/8/2007 c8 2Maline Elensar
good chapter this is a really good story please continue
6/6/2007 c1 32Ammom
It's not that bad of an intro though. It perked my interest.
6/6/2007 c7 2Maline Elensar
interesting cant wait for the next chapter
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