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for Life in Cubicles

5/17/2007 c2 JBalways
The picture of a frantic(well, not exactly frantic) nurse running in a hospital somehow makes me laugh. But, getting to the reveiw-this is a great chapter! I mean, the first chapter was good but this is really good. Much much better and the structure is clean and neat which makes for easy reading. And Jhonen rocks!...ahem, yeah...shutting up now. Oh, and there aren't really too many mistakes...actually I can hardly find any. Good work and keep writing! ^^
5/16/2007 c1 JBalways
"Izzy slipped through the suddenly bustling cubicle area, no one paying attention to her. It wasn't difficult anymore, with her neatly shaped features, neatly brown hair, neatly uniformed clothes, and neatly blank expression."-M, nuh uh.

Try this-"Izzy slipped into the bustling cubicle area, going unnoticed. But, of course, with her plain features she didn't expect to catch anyone's eye. Her brown hair was neat and held a soft shine, her uniform was without wrinkles, and her expression was that of cool detachment. Hey, she was working not looking for a boyfriend at the local single's bar."

Sorry if I appeared harsh.Your writing needs some work but I'm interested in the story. I look forward to the next chapter!

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