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4/1/2008 c7 a beginner
go on...
7/7/2007 c7 3ArC-eN-cIeL lUnE vAcHaT
Darky: Heya! We forgot our password again... Stupid us!

Mina: Funny chap, I can't believe the bird pooped on her!

Skye: Lol, eye molesting!

Aqua: ...Update soon...
6/19/2007 c6 ArC-eN-cIeL lUnE vAcHaT
Darky: Lol, that was really funny!

Mina: Update soon!
6/14/2007 c5 ArC-eN-cIeL lUnE vAcHaT
Mina: Run Teagan Run!

Darky: Lol!

Theresa: Update soon!
5/18/2007 c4 ArC-eN-cIeL lUnE vAcHaT
I feel sorry for her, having to play with Mr. Munchkins. Lol, update soon!
5/17/2007 c1 renworth
i'm back, your back this is a very nifty day for me.

nice to see there's no sign of nashgurl yet though. (watch out for that lunatic, you probably shouldnt read her reviews.)

well im pleased with this story so far, tegan and luke seem to be soul mates. and this is an interesting new writing stlye. its refreshing sometimes to have no description what so ever and all dialogue, it puts a compleatly new picture in the mind.

well im looking forward to your next chapter. thanx for posting!
5/17/2007 c4 nashgurl
YES YES YES ladiebug is back! i have not forgotten stranded but am willing to let you off the leash for now as you post this. just remember, by juin you promised me. so dont forget it.

well awesomely random, funny, goofy and totally stress releiving. nice to have a good laugh once in a blue moon of cheese.

keep on coming!
5/17/2007 c4 16Boooklover
Awesomeness, I love random people like that. Update!
5/17/2007 c3 3ArC-eN-cIeL lUnE vAcHaT
Lol, crack-up! Hahaha!

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