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for I Will Stand Firm

12/29/2004 c1 858Anna178
This is brilliant, I can really understand and relate to this piece, automatic fav list. I'm having a bad case of writers block, and I"m glad I decided to come read some other peoples poetry, this was very inspiring. ANNA
5/15/2003 c1 26It all fades away
That was a testament to not giving in. Great poem. You definetely write with a passion.
3/29/2001 c1 4Lady Callie
"I treat people with respect, and hope for the same in return. Sadly that is often not the case" Sad, but very true. Nice work Bria. I know how you feel. -LadyCallie
3/24/2001 c1 poetrysdeadremarks
The interesting thing about human beings is they don't understand.
3/24/2001 c1 16silversilence
I agree with that. Gladly I havent had that many bad reviews but I hate to see when other people do it...
3/23/2001 c1 18Dark Mario
Pulchritudinous. I know the feeling, I was called a freak for claiming Sherly Temple was a whore. I turned it around to a poem I call Freak. Good job fitting the golden rule in. And remember to never take any ! Keep it up!
3/23/2001 c1 Xander
Hmm...good poem. Really makes you think how a person's morals and beliefs are important, as long as they don't hurt others.
3/23/2001 c1 Dant Solo
Somehow, I know just how you feel, Bria. Nice job, as always, poetry mistress :D

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