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for The last night

9/28/2005 c1 11Frankie Lady of soup
Wonderful. Really, really wonderful. You should be awfully proud of this.

It seems very real - my lover is from overseas so I have to do this a lot and you managed to get me all emotional... which is good for you I guess :) Means you're writing very well at least. Go you!

All the best,Frankie - Lady of Soup
5/17/2002 c1 1Jezebel the Temptress
Good story...
1/23/2002 c1 Stardreamer
Mushy, yes...but in a good way! Your story is believable and sweet! Aww! Goodbyes are always so hard!
12/26/2001 c1 23Lornyl Mahtsae
Triste, porquoi? (i know, that's not spanish, it's french...)
4/10/2001 c1 afro jace
aww, this is so sad. : *( does this portray him leaving or some sort? i dunno, i'm a fiction ditz haha : ) anyway, great story : )

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