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3/20/2008 c22 Hopelessly Clueless
That was an amazing story! I loved it all!

The way it was written, the syle, everything!

i'm glad they made it through it all!

Great story, can't wait to read more from you! :D
2/19/2008 c22 bananamilkshake
hello! i think this is the first time i'm writing a review for you... but this one is not just for 'Out At Home', but for a couple other stories you've written. Haven't read all of what you've wrote, but what i've read so far has kept me coming back for more! I just can't seem to turn my laptop off and i keep reading late into the night... Anyway, just a big thank you for writing them... they're really great, so keep up the good work! i really know nothing about baseball, but your stories have got me kinda interested in them. haha... wonderful work and keep on going!
2/10/2008 c22 9Element Goddess
Awesome story! I couldnt stop reading until i was finished. Good job,
2/9/2008 c22 3AJS
Aw Taylor & Brady are not really cute per say, but I really like them together :) The only thing I think you should have done more of is to build up Taylor's attraction towards Brady in the beginning, before they got together, to kind of show that even though she was trying to fight Brady, she couldn't help but to be swooped up in his charms anyways, just like the old days. Or something like that. I know it was kind of implied, it being the whole story line and all, but if you really look at it, up until the point where Taylor accepts Brady, we don't really have much indication that she has had thoughts of getting back together with him, only of forgiving him.

I'm also curious as to what happened to Jason and Gretchen after that whole fiasco. Did Brady even tell him off? He didn't really act like he knew that Jason was no good news before all that happened... and why was Brady's hand looking like it was pushing up Gretchen's skirt/dress in the pictures? Also, I'm sure that Brady was stronger than her - wouldn't he have been able to stop her from even opening his mouth while she was kissing him?

Anyways. Cute story. It's getting me pissed all over again thinking about Gretchen. I kind of agree that Brady didn't really have the right to get pissed at Taylor for not trusting him, especially after all that he did to her... oh well. At least he realized it :) Keep writing!

- Alyssa
1/29/2008 c22 5Lady Knight 1512
Very nice. I liked this, but found myself always wanting to learn more about the secondary characters, Josh in particular, just because he struck a cord with me.

Brady was fabulous. He was a great mix of sweetness and arrogance that worked really well, particularly with Taylor's insecurity. They really complimented each other well.

Henry was such a jerk, and that daughter of his. Oh my God. I can't believe she did that to her! It was so mean! And evil! Gretchen too. Didn't like her, although it would have been nice to see more of her as well before those pictures arrived in Taylor's inbox.

Overall, i really liked this, and am glad i read it. I think there are two more of your stories to get through now. One is finished, but the other isn't. Or at least, that's what i remember. I may be wrong. Either way, i can't wait. I'll start the next one right now.

1/26/2008 c22 reader
I loved it. Not too long, and very cute. Thanks!
1/13/2008 c22 1tanya2byour21
I know you are probably is of me by now. But I can't help it just have to tell you again what great stories you write and I can't wait to read more.

12/15/2007 c22 outsidersgirl
a good story
11/25/2007 c22 amy
hey gr8 stry rly enjyd it
11/12/2007 c22 FanDanny
Hey! Stephanie here hehe, lovely to meet you! ^_^ I just recently read one of your stories and then I just couldn't stop! Lol I just kept clicking on sequel after sequel and I was hooked! Thanks so much for writing these wonderful stories! I am about to go check out the story about Jamie now haha Hopefully he will stop being such a 'man-whore'! Oh and if you are still thinking about a sequel for 'Out At Home' you have my full support! I am pretty much in love with your writing style!

11/11/2007 c22 dOrKy-GuRl03
hey..that was pretty good...i loved it...yay!...all the trouble that they went through they are together...it really good...its been nice if you make her brother story...nice job on the story..hoping you will writing more in the future...bye..bye...:D...
11/5/2007 c22 Lochi
beautiful story! The love between Taylor and Brady was so sweet, great work!
11/5/2007 c8 Lochi
aw that was cute =)
11/5/2007 c3 Lochi
It seems like a good story. Only it's kind of strange that Brady calls her love and so on after such a long time. I can't wait to read more =)
10/29/2007 c22 170.0 NightRiders 0.0

awsome story, i guess thats all i ever say but its trye yeah?



well i gtg read ur others l8r


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