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for a moment in hell

2/15/2008 c1 The MS Excursion
What if every moment is a good moment and we're so caught up in ourselves and what we think is a problem that it appears to be a shitty moment and we're wasting our lives WAITING for the best instead of making it happen?
6/3/2007 c1 2sicklysnowwhite
i never thought about it that way, and you're totally right. i gotta stop telling people that. hah, no, i never tell people that, but i hear it a lot. i'm going to start telling people to read this poem whenever they say that to me. SPREAD THE WISDOM, GURL! ahah. sorry.
5/23/2007 c1 The Intelligent Designer
This is really pretty cool. I liked reading it.

But I've never herd that phrase before, I've always heard "Live IN the moment." WHich i think is true. Anyway...this was great.
5/23/2007 c1 26unshattered
Very clever piece of work you have there, I've actually never thought about things that way.

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