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for Seems like Eternity

7/3/2007 c1 6Tomiko90

You always amaze me with your writing! I have no idea why I didn't check on this sooner! But I was wondering where you went so I thought I'd look at your profile!

But I really think you're very talented! Your poems always blow me away. :)
6/11/2007 c1 10Volurin
*whistles and applauds continuously* Wow! That was fantastic! I’ve just gotten into reading poems and this was definitely a treat. Lovely work Sarah.

Sincerely Volurin,

P.S: Should I update Shadow Defenders first or Renegade Vampire?

P.P.S: Thank you for the brownie ;) I’ll wrap Mike over in a parcel and send him to you.
5/30/2007 c1 6Carmel March
Wow, that was extremely powerful. Very well done :)


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