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8/18/2007 c2 8Amethyst Asheryn
Oops! LOL!That was great. But I still like the first one better :D Still, I did enjoy this one as well! :)
8/18/2007 c1 Amethyst Asheryn
heheh. Love it! It made me grin...

I like: 1. That Luna is *not* the werecat. I would have gone "god, that's so unoriginal" if she was.

2. That Raven is a boy Have you ever seen how many stories out there have characters named Raven? Have you ever read fanfiction? And if you have, have you ever found any that have Raven as some kind of (shudder) Mary Sue? Not dissing the name-I happen to love it-but I still like that you made Raven a boy :D

I love your characters, and the plot...And I'm off to read more.
7/1/2007 c1 1Zoromaru
Can't wait for the next chapter. Cecy really wants to marry Luna off doesn't she?
5/28/2007 c1 7LiberryBooked
This is very cute! I liked it, thinking abt a sequel anytime soon?

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