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6/11/2008 c1 Leafeus Agamemnon
I love how the thing has a beat to itself. Very well done. One thing though, a minor editorial point:

The rustling

of leaves.

Let's us soar,

with beating hearts.

It should only be "lets us soar."

I love it though. Very well done!

Keep writing!

Fellow of the Pen:

Leafeus Agamemnon
4/16/2008 c1 61Erlkoenigin
gefällt mir. Die Worte fließen dahin wie die Musik. Auch schön die Verknüpfung zwischen der flüchtigen Musik und der Ewigkeit
7/31/2007 c1 15Bluestreamer
This definitely touched me deep inside because of how true it was. I think you just took simple truth and put it into words. I meant that as a compliment haha. Good work. !)
7/2/2007 c1 69Captain-Dalien
This is beautiful! Kudos! ~CD
5/29/2007 c1 Torielle
I really like this; you use simple language and yet the imagery is brilliant.

I don't know if you noticed though, but in the line, "It let’s us soar", the apostrophized "let's". Thought you might want to know.

Again, I like this poem a lot - keep with it!
5/28/2007 c1 8Jess Angel
I love music, so of course reading about it will be a plus for me. I like the emphasis on certain words, using the bolding and italics. The last three seemed connected too. This piece has a good flow to it and a very light-hearted and energetic tone. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing!

Jess 0:o)
5/28/2007 c1 70continuous brevity
nice imagery. great work on this!

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