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6/6/2007 c1 36Monochrome Lovers
I must say, I love your observational Haikus. Soft and sparse (not sure if that's the right word. Yes, I know I fail as an English major hahaha. Looking forward to more. The bus one was very good as well but I liked this one more.

Rock on Tick-tock!

Sparse. Hahaha.
6/1/2007 c1 322Basara
like life itself...

5/30/2007 c1 5Victoria Barlow
Aw, this is cute! Great job.
5/29/2007 c1 Tytherpol
acorns and glass beads sound like they'd look kinda tacky.

they just really don't blend.


i love secrets. it's cool how you saw it

and wrote about it,

but you should have made more of it, please.

sweet last line and first word,

but they're really the only words of emotion in the piece.

words that hint of the intended meaning..

you know i'm not hating on it. it's exactly like a perfect haiku. and it's sweet.

good job.

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