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for Blakasphobia

5/13/2008 c1 rassoodock
m...poetic, intellectual goodness...yummy. this sounds a bit like a speech of some sort, something a dreamy leader would give to his/her followers at a sit in. i liked it. the message is good, excuse me, fucking wonderful, and it is well protrayed in this piece. good job.
6/6/2007 c1 9Stahlut
Very good, i actually think this has heaps of substance, and hey i actually finally read something of yours. Dont you love me.
5/30/2007 c1 flies.like.decay
Idiots Anonymous. Join the Club.

Okay, there is a problem I saw. Maybe you don't consider it a problem but I'm the reviewer so.. Whatever. Back to what I was saying. A lot of the lines start out the same. You may have done it on purpose, people do, but it's not appealing to me. I could see one or two lines but people on here take it to the extreme. More than Words, ha ha. Ok..Maybe it's time for a coffee break.

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