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for The Boatman of the Lost Seas

12/17/2007 c1 19staras
I like this poem, it has great imagery in it. I haven't seen the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean but it makes me want to.

9/12/2007 c1 28surrealphobia
It has a different feel than the movie but I love it. The detail of the sea is great and hopefully you'll write more of this kind of poetry.

I'm off to review your 'other' account.

Best of luck,

6/5/2007 c1 1AluminumMuse
Oh, very pretty. I usually don't like this kind of thing, but somehow this one sets itself appart from most. Some of the rhymes sound a bit forced, for some good reading on smooth rithme see the poems The Raven (a rather broading and dark poem by Poe), or Moonsong (a light though lovely poem by somebody who I can't remember the name of; see excerp bellow).

-Feather La

Roon Roon Cuddle and Croon

Over the crinkling sea,

The Moonman flings him a silver net,

Fashioned of moonbeams three...

And the waves roll out and the waves roll in,

And the knodding night wind blows,

But why the Moonman fishes the sea,

Only the Moonman knows...
6/2/2007 c1 6Carmel March
Very well written. I wasn't completely satisfied at the ending of PotC 3. I wanted Elizabeth and Will to live happily ever after. Fancy that.

Great work :)

5/31/2007 c1 4Ember Swish
Nine poem, i love the movie too :)

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