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6/27/2008 c1 1RosaLeeM
woah, this is literally something i relate to exactly. it's sort of scary, it's dead-on there. good job with it! even if people don't tell you it's well written, know that it is!
6/28/2007 c1 12AuthorLittle
Well, I guess this isn't an autobiographical poem, seeing as you were alive enough to upload it onto this site. Anyway, I definitely agree w/what's-his-or-her-face, 'sis' was used maybe a lil too much.
6/22/2007 c1 9flashlitdarknessxx
Thanks for the review on my poem 'lets keep in touch'. I really like this, its deep. Maybe you could have not said 'sis' as much. =)
6/21/2007 c1 173Exodus.Escence Of Sin
i liked this one, lots of emotion in it which makes it amazingly...awesome ^.^

thnxs for the review on mine by the way, i really did appreciate it .

6/5/2007 c1 87Kissing Concrete
pretty- really good lesson and really showed how much she wanted her sister to succeed... nice job.
6/1/2007 c1 70continuous brevity
wow! i loved this. beautiful job.
6/1/2007 c1 1Cella Dura
That was awsome! Really powerful. It almost made me cry. Almost. Hey read and review some of mine sometimes please.
6/1/2007 c1 15Jecori
helloo! i just went in to the just in page and was so shocked well thats a major understatement.Lmfao
6/1/2007 c1 3Lavi R


this is very deep!

i didnt noe u were this deep!


so angsty!


luv it!

nice emotions!


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