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8/5/2007 c1 Need 'n' Know
Who's "Henry"? Okay, that's a rhetorical question. ^^;;

Shee-she... worked at a place like THAT? O_o I guess temptation makes us a little reckless.

There were a few present-tense words, like "are" and such, but hmm... debating with myself whether or not they're correct. I'm not good with my own tenses, see, but I can point out other's. How ironic.

Your (I would like to call them this) one-shots are intriguing. A little insight on someone's life, at probably the turning point in their life. From having amnesia to being mugged on this day of all day.

I've learned lessons: to keep a diary/journal, in case I hit my head pretty hard; and always, regardless of the place, to be on my guard, and not do what the speaker in "Regarding O Henry" did. Thank you.

Need 'n' Know

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