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5/2/2014 c1 13Giang Tien
This should go on .
8/26/2010 c1 Writing-Is-Fun
Personally I do not have a favorite between Batman or Superman or any other character that is a super hero. The reason is because each super hero has a sort of human lesson to teach, otherwise none of them would have lasted this long. You never see people going off on Hulk or Thor I mean Thor's god and Hulk has been noted to have the strength to lift a that hammer Thor always wields. So to that I say Batman you could be just like any other person you could give up like a lot of super heroes and all the other super heroes you could give up on what you do, but as the world of marvel and dc comics and whomever else you'd like to add teaches. You don't give up on your lifestyle because then you find life is boring day doing absolutely nothing, never really contributing or saying anything at all. Why people must argue over things like this or stories really irks me sometimes. The fact they can do it constantly, yes I know we all have opinions, but in having these opinions we tend to shove off things we don't even feel like accepting. I would like to see a day where Batman and Superman are accepted as equals because they seem to be in a moral sense. I fear that the only thing that will have that happen is if those two companies that make them will be like "Hey, we've never had these two heroes fight to the death! Let's do it!" at which point comic book society would crumble because they helped start it.
6/11/2009 c1 fgds dfgsfd gds
Lol this is pretty cool. Rock on, Batman!
3/25/2009 c1 Can'tbebotheredtologinsorry
I think that this could be improved a lot by, basically, making it longer. You dip into issues but don't explore them properly.

I think that the problem with Superman is that he outdated to quickly. At the time, he was fairly revolutionary, and you have to take that into account. The problem is that he seems too perfect, and this is, now, something that nearly all readers find irritating and pointless. Batman managed to be the kind of character that adapts to fit our archetypes as time goes on, and his imperfections helped him do that. Spiderman's notable positive points are his morals and, as you said, the fact that his powers are limited, and being shot in the eye = dead rather than an oppurtunity to make a sarcastic comment.
1/11/2009 c1 4SinfulWolf
There were some good points made here, but the title is Batman vs. the crowd, and all you really have compared him to is Spider-man. I find this makes the title misleading for your argument.

Yes, Superman is a highly powered figure in comics, and you state that having all those powers is a horrible thing. I am inclined to disagree. I don't like superman, but its not because of all his powers, I simply don't like how I can't relate to him at all as a character and the backstory seems pretty out there to me. Meanwhile, Todd McFarlane's Spawn character has plenty of powers given to him by hell, he's nearly indestructable, but I love him. The reason being is that I can relate to him and the stories are well crafted. He has much more emotional depth than many super hero characters.

Also, in an essay, even in an opinion, you should try not to let emotion drive the piece. There are a few times I noticed anger and frustration coming to the fore in your writing. This just seems improper and unprofesional, even if it wasn't meant to be a professional piece.
11/29/2008 c1 Phantom of the Library
If I can think of one pitfall you have haplessly dived into, it would be that you don’t understand how important cultural text is with these two characters. Batman and Superman have been around for nearly seventy years; the values of readers have change dramatically over that time.

Did you know that Batman was actually created as the anti-Superman? In the 1930s they were exact opposites; Superman is always fighting crime by day light, and was on the same side as the law. He was the law. Batman, on the other hand, was a shady character who fought crime at night; a vigilante. Batman was the character you could relate to and understand. Superman was the one you looked up to and worshipped.

I won’t go into a long tangent about this, but the reason you can’t identify with Superman is because our society has changed. Back then, you didn’t question Government, religion, or any other authority really. They were always right. But our generation has always been taught to question power, to not take things as absolute truths; there is no Good and Evil. That’s why we identify with Batman; he’s somewhere in between. The true Vigilante.

Now, I do agree with you that Godhood doesn’t make for an interesting read, but I felt that you just don’t understand what Superman represented. I personally loath Superman, and Batman happens to be my second favourite superhero (right behind Iron man. Comic book version, thank you.) and I get where you are coming from. Bad disguise, ect.

Oh, as for the lair thing, you’re just flat out wrong. It’s called the Fortress of Solitude. Spidey is actually the only one without a lair.

This isn’t a flame, I just felt your paper lacking.
5/27/2008 c1 7Axel Scott
Sir... um, try to do other superheros too. I just think you have remarkable insight, and i believe you should compare DC's billionaire- Batman, to Marvel's billionaire- Iron Man. I just feel you could do a really good job on it. Anyway, good essay! You have a lot of unbiased sounding insight.
3/21/2008 c1 11kelseypea
Hehehe... I never *did* like Superman. I always thought he was kind of an ass. And Spiderman's just a tad wimpy. Oh, and my favorite superhero? Wonder Woman. I bet she could kick Batman's black-suited butt. Jus' sayin'.

Oh, the writing! I should probably say something about that, shouldn't I? It was good. It's got a lot of voice and personality in it.

Well, toodles. Will you stop by my profile and maybe do some R&R'ing? I'd really appreciate it...
2/28/2008 c1 6Hed in the Cloudz
Heehee, "typical billionaire"...you see why we don't type up laughs, don't you? Still, I love that phrase, because it can't be anything but true.

I like the idea behind this story (paper?) as well, and certainly agree with your point. However, I think that it might be best just to leave it as Batman vs Superman, because you almost never mention Spiderman!

Oh, and as for the 'phrase that most confused me' in this piece, the winner is "But I am gonna beat the snot out of alien boy some more." It doesn't go with the rest at all, in terms of tone, and just sounds incredibly juvenile, especially in comparison.

Other than that, a couple of grammar things, but it's great! Please forgive me for such an in-depth review of a story that (it just occurred to me) you probably do not want reviewed. The criticism is what I do, is all. Again, great topic, great opinion, well executed.
8/31/2007 c1 5RedHairedWriter
I found that very amusing, i don't know if it was meant to be, but I did. by the way, I think batman has been training since he was 7years old, which would be a lot longer than 7 year. LOL, no worries though. Another problem with superman (if you don't go by the comics and you do by smallvil(sp?)) is that lex is just to much of a nice bad guy, you just can't help being angry at Clark for not understanding him more.!

P.S. I wanted to say that you should check my forum where you asked a question. It's been recently added to.
6/30/2007 c1 7HarasNamuab
Wow, I never thought I'd come across someone who feels the same way I do!

I actually wrote a paper about a year ago discussing the whole Batman vs. Superman tiff. I argued a lot of the same points you did, and it's just really great knowing that I'm not the only one in the "Batman is -ing awesome" group hehe

Boo Superman!

Well written, I can tell you really thought about it. :)
6/30/2007 c1 5Cataryn Michalek Hull
very true. finally someone understands what makes a true superhero.
6/28/2007 c1 2NathanStamper
keep up the good work, interesting stuff man
6/20/2007 c1 2Casey Drake
...there's actually an interesting article I read once about the parallels between Jewish culture and Superman-specifically Moses. A young boy, abandoned at birth by necessity, raised as part of a completely different kind of people and later grows into his power.

However, i do agree. Superman is far overdone. I think you might enjoy the webcomic Evil, Inc. That comic has a lot of fun with your typical comic-book heroes.

Yes I -am- working on Elemental, Heatless.

:) CD
6/7/2007 c1 8KeytoExistence
You can still kind of make the argument that Batman got lucky with, you know, all that money he's got.

Here's a good video you might be interested in: it's Spider-man (yes, it's spelled with a hyphen) compared to Batman:
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