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7/5/2007 c3 6R.G. Angel
Yay! An update!

Sorry for taking so long to post a review for you! Summer school is starting to gang up on me a bit!

I love how she says "Aiyoh!" My family says that all the time but just a bit different, "Aiyah!" I suppose different dialects and all that right?

Cockroaches... *shudders*

hehe... acting the part of older sister here! I love it! She's so bossy!

Mei Ling is so funny! "Oh really? Then why did the announcement just say 'Last Call'?" That is my favorite line in this chapter!

Another great chapter! I can't wait for another update!

7/4/2007 c1 30LittleDoe
I really like how this story is comming. You use such wonderful discriptions. I feel like I know what Kitty feels like, all her unsertinty and confussed feelings, by the way you use your words. I can't wait to see what happens next.

- LittleDoe
6/13/2007 c2 6R.G. Angel
um... In the second sentence is says that "Xiao Mei" has just arrived. Then it says that Kitty saw Mei Ling behind Mr. Ford. uhh... what does "Xiao" mean? With my lack of Chinese I'd think that's part of her name. Does that make sense? *looks confused*

I love how bouncy and energetic Mei Ling is! She's becoming one of my favorite characters here!

Will we find out what happened to Kitty's mother? And will we meet Kitty's brother?

I also like how Kitty can't sort out her feelings when she learns that Mr. Ford has left for England. I hate it when that happens... you aren't sure what your feelings should be and all that.

Is there suppose to be a period after Mr when you type out Mr. Ford? I dunno, that's just the way I write people like that.

Again, wonderful work!

6/13/2007 c1 R.G. Angel
Your Chinese is better then mine and I'm of Asian heritage!

I love the futuristic feel to this story and how many things are done by robots. So we're in year 2040?

I like how Mr. Ford is willing to go back for Kitty even though he could die trying.

I love the random assortment of things that Reverend Harris has in his bag!

"So why was a part of her sighing like a soppy, love-sick old napkin?" I LOVE this sentence! :D How did you come up with such descriptions?

I wish we had a doorbell that plays a song. My great aunt and uncle's does and it's so funny! People will ring it just to hear the song!

This kitchen sounds like ours. MESSY! In fact this kitchen sounds like our whole HOUSE! :P

Her father is playing the part of a traditional Chinese grandmother, or any other older Chinese woman for that matter...

Sorry if this review is sort of long and all over the place. That's the way I write reviews, especially for stories that I really enjoy.

Good work!


PS Thank you SO MUCH for the reviews!

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