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11/11/2008 c1 Booklover91
The beginning sounds interesting, so i shall continue reading =]
10/25/2008 c1 1Julia Haldane
I couldn't actually make it through the first chapter. The writing isn't bad, per say, but you use words that aren't right in the context and you go on boring tangents. Your dialogue comes across as very unrealistic.
10/20/2008 c28 4lostnfound007
I have to say I absolutely love this story. I just found it a few days ago and it kept me up way too late. :) But that's a good thing for you. I can't wait until you update next! Update quick, maybe? That would be awesome.
10/18/2008 c28 r-sparkle
well, I've just read all of your story so far instead of writing an essay, due tomorrow. I must, my procrastination has paid off! I really love what you've written here - so real, and not so boringly cliche as it totally could've been. I really like Aubrey, and Myra's family crisis is, I think, a great way of explaining her. I take issue with some of your spelling and whatever (like when you use big words just for the sake of it, when they're not even appropriate to the sentence), but really, this story is great, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Thank you for aiding my academic failure

10/18/2008 c28 Resplendence
It's a shame this story doesn't have more reviews. But then again even stories that have a lot of reviews aren't always that great in quality. It really is a great story and I wish more authors could write as eloquently as you do. The last chapter was a bit short for my liking but I still loved it. I think I always have a spot in my heart for broken characters because they don't fit the status quo and always bring more to the table. Hopefully Myra and her mother will start mending their relationship?
10/17/2008 c28 xx
this isn't some regular teenage/young adult flick - major props for tackling the mature content. i'm not quite sure how to take this story and can't stop reading though it makes me somewhat depressed :-p... i love it, the language, the complexity of the characters, how "real" it feels. i'm also disheartened that so much of this story is f'ed up, a bitter reflection of real life, or what life could be.

that said, please please do keep on going - i'm excited about where you've taken this and where it could go.
10/17/2008 c28 belle1220
Well this is much better than the original chapter 28 - since that one made no sense. I'm glad that Myra is getting into the publishing world since that is where she wanted to be from the beginning. I'm guessing a fight happened between Thatcher and Aubrey. I am wondering how you're going to wrap up the story with only one chapter left.

I've trusted you this far, so I'll stick it out through the end.
10/16/2008 c27 Resplendence
Is it weird that I read all the chapters you posted in one go? I'm glad I came across this story. The raw grittyness and the imperfections of the characters make it that much more enjoyable to read. I don't know how you'll wrap all of this up in two or so chapters but keep up the great work. This story is a gem.
10/14/2008 c28 layne
that's not artsy, that's just nonsensical and shitty. you skipped around to some imaginary place, quite randomly, and one chapter left? stinks a bit of someone getting bored with their plot and boning out early with a slap-dash closure. oh well.
9/6/2008 c27 6rain-coat
Wow, I absolutely love this. Your writing is fabulous - definitely up there with the best of the fictionpress writers. I'm not one for lengthy, gushing reviews, but I will say that this is one of - if not the - best stories I've read throughout my years at the site.

The only thing I don't understand is why you haven't got ten times as many reviews as you do now! But yeah, great job, can't wait to see how you finish it off.

8/28/2008 c27 1buffyeesummers
OH God - wow does this chapter take a 180 degree turn.


Can't wait to see how Aubrey reacts to Myra's confession of what really happened to her - hot stuff hopefully.

Update soon!
8/28/2008 c27 anon
LOVED IT! and ya she finally told him! i am so proud.. i hope Aubrey goes and kicks some ass! great chapter cant wait for the next! i loved the passion!
8/28/2008 c26 6stranger with your doorkey
i don't even know what to say!

update soon,

8/24/2008 c26 1buffyeesummers
An update!

Things are starting to turn for the worst.

Can't wait to see where things go from here!
8/24/2008 c26 blahandchocolatechips
wow. i can't wait wait to see what happens next...
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