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6/13/2008 c13 From The Stone Bridge
Ladies and gentlemen a flag of hope has been raised! Jeezs, its about time!
6/13/2008 c12 From The Stone Bridge
"She's a woman but she breaks like a girl." Beautiful

You stink like a glass-green ship; for you are born a burden.
6/13/2008 c11 From The Stone Bridge
Well, that was a surprise. As soon as read the word 'bag'(u know your corrept when at 14 u read the bag and insently think pot!) my mouth fell open in shock, Though I shouldnt be surprise cuz it would seam like a Aubrey thing to do. I got the little thing about walt whitemen and the grogery boys. Ew. Good writing. Dramic impuslive brutal: Gold.
6/13/2008 c10 From The Stone Bridge
Very Sad. I love the poetic metorphs for Aubery as "The Man With A Boys Eyes and Artist Extradinre" It was beautiful. I also love your refering to platonic empathy and affection, a degree of eomtion so chaste and intensely tender that it puts shame to erotic desire. Its the diffence between averting ones eyes, blushing, from a public display of sexual intimitacy and lust, and witnessing a moment between 2 people and bowing ones head in resept and awe. U mentioned the Great Gadsty, Janis Joplin, and other things I love, once more, U. ROCK. This chapie was freakin sad. I thought the "nazi-femis screaming about their periods" was clever as hell. However, I am by no means agreeing with said comment. I'm a feminist all the way just not an exteme-o man- hater like that chick eho shot Andy Warhol for making the film MAN. Peace
6/13/2008 c8 From The Stone Bridge
The mean reds-Breakfeast at Tiffanys

Let me just say that I LOVE Audery Hepburn and BREAKFEAST AT TIFFANYS was one of the best movies I've ever seen, and that it was brillant of u to refer to it in this novel. I thought this chapter was moving as always, but something got to give, whether it be in one or all the characters. I except from u a deveoplement of ALL the characters as to open doors to other themes in the work. Good luck.

Refers that I loved:

The Peace Core(SAVE DARFUR)

Dorthy/ Tin Man dilema

Cather in the Rye( I read the book a coulpe of months ago and found it bleak in the truths revealed by the bitter satire that makes the book, its clever as hell, and I hated Holden as much as loved him. But thats my opinion)

High Top Chuck Taylor Converses- I love mine and am wearing them to the prom

Anna Kartine(cant spell) I intended to read it this summer
6/13/2008 c7 From The Stone Bridge
Well I suppose we know Myra sins and her dark habits in college. I like the fact that you didnt just blurt out her promble; that's the trait of a good writer. I also greatly aprove of the way Auberys sour relationship with his father is hinted at, his conflict is noy tragic but raw and real, ilike that. The way Myra describes her relationship with Aubury at present is a very could a examlpe of eomtional turmoil and unrequited loss. It's pure agony and its good. On a much lighter note, I LOVE that u quoted from The Nico and the Velvet Underground(fav songs are THE BLACK ANGELS DEATH SONG, WHITE LIGHT/HEART, LADY GODIVA'S OPERATION)I really dug that, but I disagree with Aubery opinion of Elvis( though I dont know if that is your own opinion or his) cuz Elvis influenced alot by southern gospal and lip sung. Secondly, though I admit the Rolling Stones were good(though the Clash are my defintion of the classic London punk Boys the Who rock 2) and personally love the song SHE'S A RAINBOW I must remain loyal to the Beatles(fav songs: Let me hold your hand, I am the walrus, Let it Be, Blackbird, Paperback Writers, Revoultion) though I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Doors or more so Jim Morrison's( who had an affair with Nico) poetic lyrics. U should check-out Across the Unverise the movie, Eisley(indie/rock sister-band) and more stuff that I cant think of at the moment

6/10/2008 c3 From The Stone Bridge
Finelly someone can write! I greatly enjoyed your writing and have easily aquired a relationship and fondness for the characters and settings. In this chapter i thought it was clever of you to get the 2 main characters together in such a natural, cauasally, and cliche -free way. Because honestly you watch BREAKFEAST AT TIFFANYS and know that New Yorkers lock themselves out of their apartments quite often.lol Clever indeed! I like you.

Things that I love:

You name your chapters after books and songs that I like

It's set in the village in New York (yeah New York I miss U)

The heroine is an aspiring publisher for the great Random House and a journalist

I love that Aubery is not hot but beautiful and lots of other things 2
6/7/2008 c22 anon
so i just read ur story.. and i really like it.. i love myra's and aubreys chemistry.. but god i am so bummed she was raped.. and she didnt tell him.. although i totally understand y. but i wish she would so he would go kick that guys A#%.. but i like it!
6/6/2008 c22 lira
this is just going from bad to worse. these characters are so sweet and i want them to be so happy, but they are digging themselves into a shithole of lies and jealousy and depression right now. this is getting almost painful to read because it starts and leaves off on such worsening notes, it's a little bit draining.
6/6/2008 c22 1BettyBoo
I just read the two last chapters and my god...I really cant find the words to say, other than they were extremely well-written and I hope Embry gets to pay pay dearly(!)

Keep it up and thanks for the update!
6/6/2008 c22 6stranger with your doorkey
okay, this girl is going to drive me crazy. she has to tell him. has to. i mean, i know i'd be reluctant to, but she's too smart to play this scared, lonely victim. i'd always thought that she was more headstrong than that. i guess she did too, until it happened. extremley well written two chapters, i might add. nicely done.

and now, of course, there's the problems with whoever aubrey must be on the phone with. i have a feeling this is not going to be good at all.

update soon!

6/1/2008 c21 eggsbenni221
Wow, great chapter, very suspenseful.

there's definitely a lot going on here, and I enjoy wat you're doing wit Amy and Myra; there definitely seems to be a shift in their relationship, with Myra handing out relationship advice. It's a very subtle way of showing how Audry is changing her.
5/25/2008 c21 tessa
i am shocked that you have not gotten more reviews than you have! this is wonderful and you are one of the better writers i have found on here. keep writing!
5/25/2008 c21 strawberrie0
Oh God Oh God Oh God. I think I was chanting the mantra throughout the dreaded scene, and then some. That is the stuff of nightmares and Myra's response afterwards was so heartwrenchingly realistic that it almost broke me. I definitely have to applaud you on... well, everything. From the very first chapter, I was caught.

Two points though (neither meant to be serious criticism)... in ch20, right before the function, Aubrey commented on Myra's outfit, asking if it was a new dress, but wasn't it the same Audrey Hepburn dress that she was trying out when Aubrey's mini arson-scene came up in ch10? I mean, he had already seen it before, or am I misinterpreting something? Second, even though Aubrey being scouted for modeling doesn't come as a surprise at all, I think it will go against his character (but definitely not his looks, of course) if he really does take up the offer, even if it's just for Myra's sake. There's something incongruous about it. But it's your story, so I'll be content with anything, really. :D

Why so few people are aware of this masterpiece of yours is completely beyond me, but I'm definitely looking forward to nominating you for some skow awards! You deserve it.
5/25/2008 c21 24beve
oh my god.

what's going to happen ?
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