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9/26/2007 c4 9Reda
Okay, besides the fact that it's a bit Harry Potter-ish (the names, the school idea, the 'You-Know-Where')... it's pretty interesting.

I've also had the idea that characters of stopped stories - or as I like to call them, Dead Characters - disappear to somewhere when their story is discontinued. So this plot idea has caught my interest, and I like the short chapters...makes for faster reading...

There's more dialogue than description, but that's okay. It's your way of moving the story along.

I kinda sped-read the first 3 chapters and only got the incentive to review now because of the line "Music isn't important anyway" said to the music teacher. It made me laugh, seeing as music is an integral part of the entertainment world and gives several authors (both published and those here on ficpress) the inspiration to write. Seeing as music is a way of expressing self - and studies state that listening to Mozart as a young child aid children in faster learning capabilities - yet there have been and will always be those people who look down on the music professions and toss it aside as unimportant.

It's more the fact that one comment made me think of so much...it adds depth to your story, and what's funny is that probably to you and to others it's nothing more than a flippant remark. Funny how people can pull out meanings in something you write that you didn't even think was there. :)

I also see that you managed to start and finish this story in 3-ish months. Congratz. I was there once...

9/15/2007 c43 Amethystasheryn
yay-yuh! Love the ending! :D I can just imagine Gimple throwing a book out her window, too! And i really do like the way you ended this.

Is it true you're not going to do a sequel? Just curious. maybe some oneshots involving Merina and them? maybe...? *pleading look*

Love it, love it, love it! :D

9/12/2007 c43 5Litty122
That was so good! I loved the whole thing and you ended it very nicely :D Great job!
9/8/2007 c41 Litty122
Aww, only two more chapters. Well great chapter; love the fangs, of course :D
9/8/2007 c41 Amethyst Asheryn
what happened to the rebel fangs, is what I want to know. LOL, the end of this chapter made me laugh a little with the whole holidays thing. :D Love it!
9/7/2007 c40 Litty122
Wow. Really good chapter! Wonder what they do now. Please update soon!
9/7/2007 c40 Amethyst Asheryn
Awesome. So...they did away with the story-eater. Love it! Update soon, please?
9/5/2007 c39 TheRedBandit
Oh no! Mernia! Update soon!

9/3/2007 c39 Litty122
Good chapter! Goh is very interesting. Please update soon :)
9/2/2007 c39 8Amethyst Asheryn
Aw! Stupid Merina! But hey-Andor will find her. *long pause* right? Right? RIGHT?

Okay, I'm going a little overboard with all that. I like it, and I can't wait for another update!
8/31/2007 c38 5Litty122
this was a really good chapter. I want to know what happens to them now! great job :)
8/26/2007 c37 Litty122
Awesome chapters! Love the fangs! Can't wait to find out what happens now. :)
8/25/2007 c37 Amethystasheryn
Awesome! Rebel fangs! :D I realy like this, and I can't wait for another chapter!
8/18/2007 c34 8Amethyst Asheryn
Ooh. Doesn't that have something to do with the nightmare she had at the author's place? I can't wait to see what happens next! Long life to quick updates! :D
8/17/2007 c33 Amethyst Asheryn
Ooh. More and more confusing, more and more intriguing! Can't wait for another update! Do they just not recognize each other? Have they been changed somehow, or something? Update soon!

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