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11/7/2008 c13 Hazelnut Romance
aw. sweet!
8/10/2008 c3 5Kitty Goth

(don't steal it)
5/14/2008 c13 3XxAmanda Is A Jasper's GirlxX
that was a really good story. The ending was perfect and i LOVED the conflicts.
5/13/2008 c9 sunflower.kiss

In Chapter 8 it states:

"My mum was on a business trip and so wasn’t home."

But then in Chapter 9 it states:

"My mother had died about a year after he left us."

Me confuzzled?
5/12/2008 c6 pinkconchshell
OMG, this story is awesome so far! but, i am NOT a slut, okay! you should have at least made me be nice! (my name is michelle, too.) but seriously, great story!
11/10/2007 c5 1onlyuptosaveit
This story is very confusing: jumping from place to place, adding in new characters with no explanation who they are and why they all look alike or whatever; it's not very realistic because celebs rarely track down a regular person after such an event as what happened at the signing, the plot is very jumpy, the story seems to switch plots in places, etc.

I started to read, intrigued by the summary, but I can't continue because I'm still not quite sure what happened, what is happening, and who all the people in the story are.

I suggest you either put this on hold and have someone beta this before posting anything new or take it down, have someone beta everything you have so far, repost, and have someone beta every chapter before it's posted.

Just some friendly advice.

Jessica Wolfheart
11/7/2007 c12 1Fleeting Moment
THat was so awsome, I LOVED IT!
10/23/2007 c11 11UponAtlas
hey buddy.

ur storez awsom so far. let me no wen u update again, but hurry up.

=Da BoObOoGiAnT=

=BaNg= (just so u no is me)

9/15/2007 c6 aimee sam aimees cousin

well, the end of ch. 5 was a little weird!

I talked to yooh on da phone once aimee says, LOL

Aniwaiss, ill c u at da party!

By da way, "Love aint justa 4 letter word" i fink is ur best story so far.

c ya soon!

Aimee & Sam [[Aimee's cousin]] :) ;)
8/31/2007 c11 95Christy Leigh Stewart
This is a very sweet and cute story ^^ Keep it up!
8/15/2007 c1 13FM Radio
But she doesn't know him, does she know that girl? How can you hate someone for something they did that doesn't effect you?
7/6/2007 c1 Norma Porma Worma
this story is great and u know it so can u please update and then holla bac at me
7/5/2007 c11 19ihrtbks
Aw! So cute!

6/20/2007 c9 ur bestie aimee
Hey, just read the chapter, nice.

What's gonna happen next?

Let me know at school.

Anyways... it was kinda tight when kris went spastic at jess, but hey, your story, besides, you write better stories than me.

Oh well, nice story, write more.

See ya at school. :D
6/9/2007 c6 4Mrs. Drama Lover
write more soon this story is good, and check out mine 2!

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